Ghost Protocol Jacket

Celebrity movie jackets which made a big statement this season- the top 5

Jackets put on by movie stars in certain movies have always managed to create a certain level of fuss and talks. Be it Marlon Brando’s jacket in the famous 50s movie or Harrison Ford’s famous jacket in the Indiana Jones movies. They have always managed to draw a hell of a lot of attention towards them and become somewhat immortal wears. The trend continues still today as many movie stars have sported many different types of jackets and these jackets have been big style statements. This season too, there have been a few movie jackets that have managed to capture the imagination of fashion fanatics, ghost protocol jacket is one of them . Let us try and illustrate few of these jackets and what features in them has made them so adorable and popular.

 • MI Jacket: Tom Cruise is also considered as a style icon in a sense that whatever he does and put on screen becomes an instant hit. The same concept was verified in the movie Mission Impossible 4. His famous hooded jacket sported by his character Ethan hunt became known as the ghost protocol jacket. This particular jacket was crafted from Sheepskin Leather which makes it a soft leather outfit. This jacket can be carried off with style with almost any kind of simple pants, be it khakis or jeans. Cruise’s character could be seen wearing a black colored jacket of this variety.

 • X- Men Jacket: A brown leather casual jacket put on by Hugh Jackman in X Men 3 has also managed to make a quite a lot of statement this season. This jacket too was crafted of Sheep Skin Leather with soft designs and is a perfect casual leather wear that fits in perfectly with simple jeans and khakis.

 • The Wild Ones: Yes, that is an age old movie, but still the jacket sported by Marlon Brando in that movie is creating fuss and headlines among fashion fanatics. This biker jackets that Brando caries off so well allowed him to establish himself as a godfather of leather jackets. This is an eternally viable jacket and this season too, it has been able to knock at the doors of fashion fanatics and save a place for itself in their closets.

 • I am Legend: Will Smith’s legendary character can be seen in a long leather jacket in this movie which created a hell of a lot of fuss around the fashion world and seriously how can Legends get out of fashion so soon? This season the trend still continues as Smith’s fascination continues. The open chained jacket that he managed to pull off so gracefully in this particular movie has still continued to draw admiration and awe from fashion lovers. It looks to be a comfortable and stylish jacket and both of that combined with Smith’s look has kept this jacket alive even today. Maybe one gets the vibe of a legend from this jacket, so it still lives on.

 • Fury: Fury has not been released yet but this movie starring Brad Pitt set on the Second World War has already started to make headlines due to Pitt’s Commando outfits. This jacket presents Pitt’s characters as a strong macho man. Two pockets in the waist region and a zipped closure on the front has made this jacket even more comfortable and attractive. This jacket is sure to create a lot of noise in the fashion world and become a must-have among fashion fanatics.