Ghost Rider Jacket

What to choose in celebrity jackets this season for bikers

We all know that today is the world of fashion. The way you are dressed up is considered a roadway to your original personality. Within past few decades, the emphasis on clothing and carrying yourself has increased to a great extent. Now, various famous brands have entered the global market. These brands come up with varieties of different products from clothes to accessories, etc.

Talking about clothing, the world has made huge progress. With the introduction of newer brands in the market, the competition has gone high among these brands and resultantly, we have seen different innovations and trendsetting collections. One of these collections is of different kinds of jackets. When talking about jackets and their kinds, leather is considered a compulsory material. However, this is a mere generalized opinion as many other materials are used like polyester, etc.

Talking about biker jackets in particular, the trend of celebrity biker jackets cannot be ignored, specifically the ghost rider jacket. The initiative was taken for providing our bikers with a special jacket that is wind proof, user friendly and of course comfortable. The biker jackets have been further classified into various categories in accordance with the material used and the requirements of the biker.

This year, the collection of ghost rider jacket has caused a great enthusiasm among bikers and sports lovers throughout the world. The frequent depiction of biker jackets in Hollywood movies has caused a great number of fans to demand such jackets. These are no doubt gradually becoming a general trend.

There is a separate collection of men and women collection. The material used for the making of women leather jackets is different from that of men in terms of toughness and weight. These jackets are often accompanied by the logo of their respective brands on the back or sleeves for which they are actually bought.

These jackets are renowned throughout the world for their sporty looks, vibrant colors and sophistication. They are crafted by world class craftsmen who use 100% pure materials like polyester, sheepskin, cow hide, cotton, nylon and polyester and synthetic leather. These Biker jackets are made in a way that they are wind proof. They are strong, wind resistant and safe.

Usually we have seen that biker jackets are of vibrant colors like red, white, combination of neon colors with various strips and designs added into it. This collection is somewhat different. In a way, the sporty appeal of biker jackets have been combined with the sophistication of dark colors like black, rusty brown, olive and other such earthly colors. General features of these jackets include two pockets on either side and two internal pockets, buckles or straps on cuffs, high collar and optional breast pocket with zip. Most of these jackets are equipped with nylon quilted lining to add strength to these jackets to withstand wind pressure and dust. Another important feature present in biker jackets is padding. The more a biker jacket has paddings, the more protected the biker is. These paddings are usually offered for should, back and elbows. These padding may vary in terms of strength from layers of thick material to proper armors. Another important feature is the reflective material which is sewn on to the outer body of biker jackets. The reflective material looks tremendous in black color as it makes you totally invisible at nighttime. Many of biker jackets have neon color piping which provide reflective properties to these jackets.