Hank Moody Leather Jacket

The most popular celebrity jackets: The top 10 of last decade

Fashion trend is very dynamic. It keeps changing every now and then. Fashion trend is very much influenced and affected by the recent attires and outfits of the celebrities like actors, singers, pop stars etc. Celebrities need to be as stylish and trendy as possible. Whatever they wear in a movie, is the next fashion trend for his fans and followers. So, they really need to be very careful when they choose an outfit to wear. Not only the celebrities but their costume designers also need to be as creative as possible while designing a dress for them. Fans of female celebrities firstly notice their outfit, then shoes and makeup and hairdo. But fans of male celebs and their way of dressing up firstly have a look at the jackets they are wearing and then only anything else. Jackets are a very inseparable part of men’s closet. Various types of jackets are there, denim jackets, woolen jackets, hoodies, leather jackets and many more. Especially leather jackets are very special for men as leather jackets and men have a very deep relationship. Men’s most looks are inspired by their favorite actors including their hair cut, beard, dresses and hence leather jackets are no exceptions. Men wear various designs of leather jackets that are inspired from or replicas of the jackets worn by the celebrities in their movies or any event. Here is a list of such popular celebrity jackets that were famous since last decade:

1. Brad Pitt Inglorious Bastards jackets: Everyone love Brad Pitt, may it be boys or girls. Girls love him for his charm and beauty and boys love him for his style. Every boy wants to look like Brad Pitt so that they can get a girl like Angelina Jolie. The jacket he has flaunted in the rebellion movie Inglorious Bastards has caught everyone’s eyes. That army jackets were so loved by people that they are still in trend.

2. The Bourne Legacy series jackets: Bourne legacy series is loved by every movie freak as it is really very nice movie series. And the jackets worn by Aaron Cross in the movie are even better, and a must try this season.

3. Bane Jacket: The villainous Bane jacket is very popular this season after the blockbuster The Dark Knight Rises.

4. Sherlock Jacket: The long jacket worn by Benedict Cumberbatch in the hit BBC series Sherlock has attracted people to try on the stylish coat.

5. Sons of Anarchy jackets: The motorcycle club has made the biker jackets as cool as ever this decade. The sleeveless design is rugged and tough looking.

6. Resident evil Jackets: The very stylish jackets worn by the heroin while killing zombies have been able to garner much applaud in the fashion world too.

7. Taylor Lautner: The teen heartthrob sported a leather biker jacket in the movies Twilight series stealing the hearts of millions of girls.

8. Wolverine Jacket: The very stylish and dashing jacket worn by Hugh Jackman as Wolverine in the X-men movies is very popular this decade.

9. Mission Impossible Jackets: The leather jackets worn by Tom Cruise in the Mission Impossible franchise are also very popular among the fanboys.

10. Hank Moody leather jacket: In the Showtime TV series ‘Californication’ where David Duchovny played the character of ‘Hank’ Moody, the character featured brown and balck leather jackets which got very popular for their badass looking trademark style. The popularly known as Hank Moody leather jacket is one of the best from the last decade; 2007.