Hawkeye Vest

Leather vest- The new trends this season from Hollywood

The termvestrefers to a sleeveless type garment, which is worn on the upper portion of the body. Vest garments can be made of diverse fabrics, among them leather vests have gained worldwide popularity among the fashion conscious men and women. The new trends of the leather vest from Hollywood have attracted many fans. Some latest styles of vests are stated below:

Thefamous star Dwayne Johnson appeared in a leather vest in the movie titled “Hercules”. The splendid manly style of his leather Vest was really cool. In this costume hundred percentage of high quality premium Leather had been used. The replica of this vest is available in the high quality real leather material. This vest contains viscose lining that has made this outfit crafted like the original one. The most attractive feature of this vest is the rich and attractive brown color with a blended shade, which have made this outwear more stunning, manly and chic. Moreover, the exterior portion of this vest contains some nice features including padded design along with fine neat stitching. The collarless as well as a sleeveless style has made this menswear more unique. On the whole, this replica piece ensures classy and superiorcraftsmanship.

Holywood superstar Jeremy Renner wore a vest in the movie titled Avenger. The vest is known as Hawkeye vest, as Renner has worn this jacket in the role of Hawkeye. This vest has two color shades that are black & brown. The replicas of this vest are available with high quality material and design details. This vest has been produced from 100% genuine buffalo leather. It is hand made. The seams have sewn for two times along with Polyester Lining in order to ensure extra ruggedness and the highest durability. The amazing features of this leather vest include ribbed panels on the sides of the waist area; chunky style side clips along with a ripstop nylon made belt. Full YKK zipper system closuremakes this vest comfortable for the wearer. The T-style design cut on the back and V-style design-cut on the collar has made this vest more stylish. The design addition of a silver colored hawk with motif emblem has made this vest gorgeous. The two zipper pockets placed on both sides of this Hawkeye vest will allow the wearer to carry essential things. This vest is available in the regular style.

In the Holywood movies titled ‘The Dark Knight Rises’ the leading character Bane wore a leather vest, which got huge popularity. This leather vest is known as ‘Bane’ leather vest. The replicas of bane vest are available with great style and quality. This type hand made leather vests are produced from premium quality and real cowhide leather. It is also available in faux leather material. The stunning design detailings include the riveted straps presenting modern fashion style. This vest includes belts as well as buckles with fine stitching. On the underneath arm area, it includes mesh design. In the overall product double stitching is provided to ensure the highest level of durability. The polyester lining has made this outwear more strong. The unique feature of this bane leather vest is the sleeveless design with no pocket. The strap back along with V neck style in the collar makes the wearer look smart. This leather vest offers a full zipper system in the front for opening. This vest is available in the regular style.