Howard Hughes jacket

The DiCaprio line of celebrity jackets: what this movie icon brought into trend

Like women, men are also extremely fashion conscious, especially when it comes to buying leather jackets. They always keep an eye on the latest trends and movies are a good way to follow the latest fashion of leather jackets. Among several movie stars, Hollywood actor Leonardo DiCaprio has brought a number of unique leather jacket trends into the fashion industry.

The Aviator leather jacket has been very popular recently. In this movie, Leonardo DiCaprio played the role of a business magnet named Howard Hughes. Howard Hughes was a multitalented person who was a successful businessman, a producer, a director and an aviator. He is remembered for his multitude of talents and also for the iconic aviator jacket he wore. The Howard Hughes jacket is a brown leather jacket having a vintage look and a very fine texture. The Howard Hughes jacket is made up of finest quality sheepskin leather, making the jacket extremely comfortable and durable. This Howard Hughes jacket is very popular not only for its historical value, but for its exclusive design as well. The jacket has a lapel collar and the cuffs are buttoned giving it a stylish appearance. It also two pockets on the sides, a chest pocket and a front button closure.

In the movie ‘The Departed’, Leonardo DiCaprio wore a plain black fashionable leather jacket that captured everyone’s heart. The jacket portrayed well the strong and fearless character of the undercover cop ‘Billy’ played by DiCaprio in the movie. The jacket has an erect collar with front zip closure. It has two pockets on the waist and a couple of inside pockets as well.

Leonardo DiCaprio looked very stylish and attractive in the leather jacket he wore in the super hit movie ‘The Inception’. The coffee brown colored sheepskin leather jacket worn in this movie while playing the character of Dom Cobb attracted many fashion conscious people. The character “Cobb” portrayed by Leonardo DiCaprio is a secret agent who is expert in extracting information from a person’s mind. The vintage military style of this leather jacket reflects the strong and intelligent personality of the secret agent Cobb. This leather jacket has a shirt-style collar and a plain cuff design, thus making it even more appealing. It has a strap around the waist which gives the jacket a good fit and so enhances the body shape. This Inception leather jacket looks very good when it is fitted to the body, that is, the jacket has a slim-cut design. The color of the jacket is also very attractive. Even though black is the most prominent color used for Inception styled leather jackets and is successful in giving a cool appeal and vintage look, the coffee brown color of the Inception leather jacket is unique and provides a different appeal to the person wearing it. The jacket also reflects the person’s excellent fashion sense and unique taste.

Leonardo DiCaprio is a trendsetter in the style of leather jackets. Some trends set by classic actors like Marlon Brando in ‘The Wild One’ and Harrison Ford in ‘Indiana Jones’, are still admired by people of this generation. The style Leonardo DiCaprio has brought in will also continue to be on fashion for many years to come.