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The Most stylish movie stars of this season- the top 5

What are Chris Hemsworth, Ben Affleck, Ryan Reynolds, Bradley Cooper and Channing Tatum have in common? The good looks. But did you know there’s a lot to watch out for these guys outside the big screen? Their outfit. Here are the most stylish movie stars of this season.

1. Ben Affleck

This stylish movie star also sported the perpetual leather outfits from Marvel comic’s film adaptation. He performed the role of a masked vigilante in and out of the courtroom as a blind lawyer Matt Murdock. The red high-collared Dare Devil costume became famous similar to a hugh jackman jacket from Wolverine. Ben Affleck starred in the recent movieof Gillian Flynn’s bestseller tale, Gone Girl.

2. Channing Tatum

This gorgeous hunk proved he can make any jacket look as good as him from vintage leathers like bomber to biker gears. In fact, he goes out wearing an old shirt and still look stunning. Only a former dance caster from Ricky Martin’s ‘She Bangs’ music video can pull that off. He is known in the GI Joe Movies Rise of the Cobra, Retaliation and the most recent, 22 Jump Street.

You can hear him in the latest movie, The Book of Life as a voice over of the town hero Joaquín from the musical computer animated adventure film. It’s been known in Hollywood that the most popular actors and actresses are called for these roles for their blockbuster credit.

3. Chris Hemsworth

Freshly picked as the sexiest man alive, this movie star is known for his role in the Star Trek, Avengers and Thor. He wears a brown jacket from the Thor movie that became a popular fashion staple.

His sport jackets from the tense and thrilling ‘Rush’ movie about F1 racing are one thing you shouldn’t miss. The film is based on the lives of Niki Lauda and James Hunt in the ‘70s. If you have an eye for vintage, set your eyes on the stylish clothes that covered the glorious days of Spanish, German, Italian and Japanese Grand Prix during the 1976 Formula One Season.

4. Bradley Cooper

Famed for his role in the naughty Hangover trilogy, this handsome actor is also named the sexiest man alive only three years ago. He’s now a seasoned actor for gaining Academy Award nominations for ‘American Hustle’ and ‘Silver Linings Playbook’ films back to back with Jennifer Lawrence.

His style is often seen as a laid-back figure from the ‘Hangover’ days in all of their drunken trips from Las Vegas, Bangkok and Tijuana in Mexico. Bradley seems to be the best-looking guy of the wolf pack after a series of drinking sprees, hangovers and immaturities rolled into one.

5. Ryan Reynolds

Also renowned for his Marvel comic role as Wade Wilson in X-Men Origins: Wolverine. His portrayal gave popularity to the ‘Deadpool’ hooded costume just like a hugh jackman jacket in the movie. Not only that, he also played another DC comic role from the ‘Green Lantern’ as the superhero Hal Jordan. The hooded style costumes are popular, as it looks good in sports jackets for cosplaying events.

Reynolds’s latest movies include RIPD, The Voices and Captive. Outside the screen, his usual style consists of the ‘incognito look’ that you can hardly tell if it’s him under a hat, beard, eyewear, a 007 inspired suit or a hooded jacket. Clever isn’t he?