Hunger Games Jacket

The new leather jacket trends from movies: What’s 5 most popular garments

A cinema seems no different from a fashion runway; a new movie come up and so is in the art of fashion. While there is no real formula for a successful design, the films and actors somewhat have an involvement on the most admired leather jackets we see around today. A hunger games jacket may not be known if not for Jennifer Lawrence from the Hunger Games trilogy. Let’s take a sneak peak on some 5 movies that feature stylish jackets.

1. The Fury trend

The arresting looks of the trendy military leather jacket every Jane and Joes are gunning for this season is inspired by the Fury movie of Brad Pitt. Loose fitting belted coat with wide statement lapels look more impressive in army green shade. Ladies love to sport this outfit to look sexy without showing too much skin. Gentlemen like the clean form of the distinctive military uniform in camouflage prints as well as the other earthy colours unique to vintage inspired bomber jackets. You can go commando with a complete military inspired ensemble with a khaki cargo pants or camo-printed trousers.

2. The ‘Hitman Agent 47’trend

This videogame inspired upcoming film tells a story about the two genetically engineered assassins. Women can go after the style of Hanna Ware as Katia van Dees with a short black trench coat with big buttons. To get the total effect, wear this jacket with a crisp white long sleeved collared blouse and high heels. Men can follow Rupert Friend’s costume as Agent 47 with today’s latest black leather blazer coats.

3. The ‘Need for Speed’ trend

The movie is about the racing videogame series NFS that gained a worldwide box office over $200 million dollars last March. It’s also the most successful franchise and game series about the hottest car chases and police pursuits to date. Aaron Paul’s black leather jacket from the film became a sensational hit among movie fans. You can sport Aaron’s attire on your cross-country cruisingeither with your hot car or motorcycle.

4. The ‘Foxcatcher’ trend

Channing Tatum’s jacket from the Foxcatcher is a black sport jacket with pastel yellow coloured piping. The cuffs, hems and shirt collar also come with the subdued shade that counts among the hottest trend this season. In fact, the ubiquitous jacket is seen in the other characters of the film as it is based on a true story about a wrestling team heading to Seoul Korea for the 1988 Olympics. This movie was highly acknowledged in the 2014 Cannes Film festival. Sports jackets are hot this season with quilted details and pale colour combinations.

5. The ‘Captive’ trend

Ryan Reynolds wears a hooded tanned bomber jacket on this psychological thriller film about abduction. The new men’s collection for winter is full of taupe, fawn and mushroom shades that resembles the same coat from the ‘Captive’ movie. This season is also taking on the luxurious velvets that you can wear on neutral shades. Add some texture on your leather outfit with customized leather coats with velvet hoods and lapels.

Cast a ray of sunshine on this cold season of winter with your customized ‘Need for Speed’ or hunger games jacket. Instead of brown or black, why not get the brightest colours of the season for a unique twist to the usual Katniss and Aaron Paul jacket?