Iron Man Jacket

What fans preferred to buy this season from celebrity jackets: The Top 5

While living in the 21st century where everything is developing at a rapid pace, we as human beings have found a way of classifying various things for our own betterment. With the technical development, the demand of high standard of living among people has gone reasonably high throughout the world. With this demand, we have seen a great boost to fashion industry worldwide. Every other day, a new brand enters market with a totally new collection. In short, competition among these brands to be the best is very high, and in the process, we have seen innovative forms of clothing in market lately. Among all the famous and unique ones are the clothing inspired by celebrities.

Modern fashion and clothing market has classified clothes for various purposes. We see that with the rise in our cinerma industry, the demand for wearing celebrity clothes among their fans has gone very high. Every year, celebrity clothing becomes trendsetters. Focusing on jackets in particular, there are many trendsetting jackets of this season, however, the top 5 list include very famous Iron man jacket, terminator jacket, resident evil 6 jacket, superman jacket and David Duchovny leather jacket. All of these jackets have been classified into various categories by making changes in material and features, depending upon the utility and purpose they are serving. Different characters have served their roles inspiring different forms of leather.

Iron man jacket, inspired by tony Stark were originally developed as a sign of mortality and toughness in 2008.. Eventually the demand of these jackets was increased when it was used for skiing; now these jackets have become a general trend and their market demand very high. They are now a part of casual fashion and are used as a part of hip hop dance costume. Iron man jacket were used in a large number in different college events after which they became popular as the “hero” jackets. These jackets are crafted with utmost dedication because the tough material used in its making is often hand stitched or requires personal attention.

The outer look of this jacket is somewhat familiar to that of bomber jackets as they are baggy and fluffy. They are made of materials like sheepskin, cow skin and polyester. Most of these jackets are made of polyester with a small percentage of nylon.

The usual features of iron man jackets include rib collars, hem and cuffs, front zip accompanied with storm flaps, occasional furry collars and reflective material. These jackets have an extra internal lining to make the jacket wind proof. Mostly these jackets are used for skiing, and for that they have supposed to be strong and made of wind proof material. Often time, these jackets are also accompanied with paddings for elbows and shoulders.

This year, these iron man jackets are available in different colors from vibrant neon colors like orange, blue, pink to earthly colors like move, olive, rust, black and brown. Mostly, the internal lining is of different color than external body. The cuffs and the waist of flight jackets are made mostly of woolen or sweater material which is a kind of a trademark. Nowadays, they are readily worn by people for regular use, apart from its use in flight and skiing. They have become a part of general trend among people especially youngsters. These jackets are available in various sizes (S, M, L, XL, 2XL, 3XL and 4XL) and are available in almost all the high end clothing stores round the world. Moreover, there is a huge collection of these jackets in vintage market as well.