James Bond Jacket

What so charismatic about James Bond jackets over the year

James Bond movie not only made detectives and the actors, villains, actresses famous and evergreen, everything the characters of the movie put on screen also created headlines and drew a lot of attention towards it and is still doing so. Along with the guns, babes and dialogues there are a few apparels that the characters of the movie series wore and made headlines in the fashion world back and then and are considered vintage and charismatic wears. Bond suits are one example of such wears along with the famous James bond jacket, the varieties of which can be seen being worn by different bond heroes, villains and other characters.

Let us take a look at few of Bond jackets and what it is in them that makes them so charismatic and graceful.

Parkas, in Skyfall: Parkas are considered stylish and graceful wears in themselves, and when a James Bond character sports them, they become legendary. This particular parka is not put on by any lead James Bond character but is rather worn by Ben Whishaw in the Bond movie: Skyfall (2012). This particular parka is coffee-brown colored. The most charismatic thing about this Parka is its full zipped enclosure with studs and logo buttons at the neck area. This jacket contained a couple of hip flap pockets and is constructed from cent percent cotton. The color and furred hood made this parka a really important and charismatic jacket in the eyes of fashion fanatics.

Bogner sportswear: This sportswear is worn by the protagonist James Bond in various James Bond movies. This brand is particularly well known for its Golfing and skiing accessories. This winter jacket is worn by various James Bond central characters in ski scenes. In the movie, The spy who loved me James Bond is seen wearing this yellow colored suit when he is jumping from a cliff in his parachute. In For Your Eyes Only a blue colored Bogner Suit is worn by James Bond. Another character of Bibi Dakhl too wears a red colored Bogner jacket. In A View to a Kill, James Bond is seen wearing a white colored Bogner with fur hood with gloves and zippers. The fur collared hood and the long lengths of these jackets have managed to make this category of james bond jacket a charismatic and graceful outfit. The appeal of these jackets and the perfect winter wear that they seem to present of themsleves has managed to make these particular jackets a very well desired and evergreen jackets.

The James Bond character in the movie Skyfall is seen wearing an Army training PTI jacket with an insignia of the SIS near the left pocket in the chest. This particular set of jackets was designed by the manufactures who manufacture clothing for the British Army. The SIS insignia is the most appealing part of this jacket and that is where most of the charismatic part of these jackets comes from. These jackets can be generally found on black and couple of varieties of blue. Lately, even a long sleeved shirt of these jackets has been designed.

Piers Brosnan sported a leather jacket in the Bond movie, Tomorrow Never Dies. This particular James bond jacket can be seen in the opening sequence of the film when Bond is infiltrating in the Russian border. This almost knee length jacket is brown in color and the flapped collar of this jacket is what brings charisma to this jacket. It promises to be a definite winter outer wear.