Lethal Weapon Jacket

The Must have list of leather jackets for Movie fans- the top 10

Celebrities are not just recognized by their art of performance, but also by their styles in dresses, hair cut, and accessories. Many celebrities have the ability to set trends for fashion. Jacket is great way to show personality and style. Leather jacket they wear is followed by millions of fans because of their superior quality and design. The 10 must have list of leather jackets for movie fans are listed below.

 • In the movie ‘Need For Speed’ Aron Paul presents an attractive jacket which is more like an ever green fashion. This jacket is for all time fashion for its charming style. It surely boosts one’s personality. It has round neck collar with glowing white collar and three-zipped pockets in the front side.

 • Tom Cruise wore a stylish bomber jacket which was used in Top Gun movie. The G-1 bomber jacket of 1940 remained a staple item since then.

 • Indiana Jones wore a bomber jacket in the movie ‘Riders of the Lost Arc’. In this adventure movie Harrison Ford wore this jacket in many occasions and it fits him outstandingly which later became a trend setter for bomber jacket.

 • In the high rated popular movie Fight Club this jacket was worn by Brad Pitt. This red jacket became very popular among the fans. This great jacket was designed by Michael Kaplan. This red car leather jacket gave Tyler Durden (Brad Pitt) a fun and sleazy vibe.

 • One of the most successful and demanding leather jackets of all time is the jacket from the movie ‘Superman - Man of steel jacket’. The beautiful superman logo is prominent in the jacket. The logo was originally introduced in the 90s. It has an YKK zipper in front and a round neck collar.

 • X man jacket is a very popular leather movie jacket among fans. It has cross stripe at the front of its jacket and three stripes on its biceps. This is a biker style jacket. Due to its design it is wonderful fit for most people.

 • Another popular leather jacket is Watch Dog’s Aiden Pierce trench coat. This is an ultimate fashionable jacket with great look and use. Usually these jackets are brown in colour with long buckle closure. Shirt and jeans goes well with this outfit. This gear up personality and make you look different from the crowd.

 • Mel Gibson’s jacket in the movie ‘Lethal Weapon’ became very popular among the fans. The Lethal Weapon jacket is single-breasted and has large notches on the lapels.This Lethal Weapon jacket has two side pockets and rear buckled tabs which gives handsome look.

 • One jacket cannot go without mentioning is the black leather motorcycle jacket which Marlon Brando wore in the movie The Wild One. The Wild One jacket is known as “Perfecto”.

 • Another famous movie jacket is from the movie Matrix. This is a leather trench coat worn by Keanu Reeves. The look of the jacket is highly elegant and sophisticated. It certainly draws the attention of the crowd. This is an exceptional leather outfit which makes one feel complete. This has stylish stand up collar with tab button closing.

New movies come on screen every season and so do new leather jackets gain popularity. This top 10 list will change with time but some jackets will remain in the list forever because of their universal appeal and classic look.