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Why yesteryear movie jackets are still popular: The top 5

Leather jackets have been in fashion trends for a long time. Leather jacket seems to be the evergreen choice of people. Movies have been monumental in raising the status of leather jackets to such a vast popularity. The actors have taken the help of the leather jackets to portray their character. Leather jackets signify the macho and tough features of characters portrayed by actors and so are widely used to portray such characters in the silver screen. The leather jackets that were made popular in movies decades ago are still popular till this very day. The trend has not been less popular rather it seems to be gaining more popularity even with the new generation.

Here are a few movies featuring leather jackets that are popular still today:

 • Indiana Jones:

Indiana Jones is one of the most iconic characters of the movie history. The first movie was released in 1981 and featured Indiana Jones with a whip, a hat, a satchel and a leather jacket. The leather jacket helped him showcase his tough and macho character. The Indiana Jones look is still widely discussed till today and his leather jacket has become a fashion trend on its own.

 • Mad Max:

Another genre setting movie which widely featured the leather jackets was Mad Max. The movie is about a strong headed cop who seeks revenge on criminals for the murder of his family. To show this rough and tough character, the outfit for the hero’s character was cleverly selected which included a black leather jacket. The Mad Max Jacket became extremely popular and fans were crazy about the style. Shortly after the movie’s release, people could be spotted on the streets with the Mad Max Jacket on them. It helped start a fashion trend in the industry.

 • Grease:

This film based on a musical defined a generation or an era in the movies. In addition to that, it also made the leather jackets extremely sexy and popular. The movie was a massive hit and is still referenced in various pop cultures. The movie greatly featured leather jackets and the men and the women of that era who were fans of movie were so influenced by the movie and its style that they followed the style for a long time. The leather jacket used by the main characters of the movie set a trend among the movie goers and people. It was made synonymous to being cool. The style and trend is still popular till this day.

 • The wild one:

Marlon Brando is regarded as one of the greatest actors to have lived in the movie industry. He has set countless trends and styles through his movies and the characters he played. One such iconic character is as Johnny in the classic movie The Wild One. He portrays a biker leather jacket in the movie which set the trend of leather jackets as coolest style in the movie industry.

The leather jacket has become immensely popular over the years and it is still one of the hottest fashion statements all over the world.

 • Top Gun:

One of the early movies of the now superstar Tom Cruise, Top Gun is a classic cinema in so many ways. Most noteworthy is its contribution to the fashion world. The character of Maverick wore a black leather bomber jacket as a part of his personality. Riding motorcycles and flying fighter jets on the leather jacket made it a must have fashion statement among the people. It continued the legacy of a cool leather jacket and its impact of the character on the fashion industry. The leather jacket is still the most famous and desired attire that highlights both class and ruggedness.