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Trends in celebrity leather garments: Whats the 5 most purchased ones

There are five leather garments that people buy more than any other celebrity leather garments. These garments are the most popular of the popular and the trendiest of the trendy leather garments. Some are full on outfits while others are simply jackets. Jackets are typically the most bought leather garment out there so of course these are going to make it to the top of the list. One of the items on my list isn’t so much one singular item as it is a series of items, but I left them at number five just for that reason in particular.

The cat women suits:

Whatever generation you’re from and whatever incarnation you’ve mimicked, cat women suits are insanely popular adult costumes. Cat women outfits are almost always entirely made up of leather, and have been worn by women for years and years. Whether it be from the most recent cat women movie, or an earlier incarnation, one thing is for sure. Women go crazy over their leather cat women costumes and the trend doesn’t seem to be ending any time soon. The only reason these outfits aren’t number one on this list is because the outfit comes in so many different variations that chances are no one of these costumes is really the number one best seller.

The jacket from Grease:

Grease was the musical that brought back the rebel without a cause look. Without it, the biker look may not be nearly as popular as it is today. Most if not all biker leather jackets now-a-days are based off of this jackets design. That’s why it hits the number four spot, because chances are you’ve seen a jacket like this at least one time in your life. It may be one of the most known jackets in the world period.

The terminator jacket:

if half of all leather coats in today’s day and age are fashioned after the leather jacket form Grease, then the other half are fashioned after the leather jacket from terminator. The only reason this one beats out the jacket from Greece was because of the audience that terminator had over the influence Grease had. Greece was a good film, don’t get me wrong, but most people who watched it weren’t exactly mostly biases. They were people who liked musicals. Terminator on the other hand had a much more badass audience. People who saw terminator was in it for the action and excitement.

The matrix coats:

Be it Neo, Trinity, or especially Morpheus, matrix coat is some of the most bought leather garments in the history of history. The style was just so fresh, new and exciting that everyone wanted a piece of it. Enough said. Between the enlightened tone of the movie and a look that capitalized on that feeling, matrix coat were and still are insanely popular.

The Indiana jones jacket:

The fact of the matter is, everybody wanted to be like Indy after those movies came out. Between all three movies, the look made itself out to be one of the staples of movie fashion period. Men everywhere loved this entire outfit from the crisp leather jacket to the wool hat to top it off. Everyone I knew growing up wanted to be like Indiana jones, and best believe that if they ever saw the chance to pick up that sweet leather jacket they took it by god.