Matthew Mcconaughey Jacket

The latest of celebrity jackets this season- The top actors and their fashion statements

Everyone is fascinated by imitating the leather jackets worn by popular movie stars. People all over the globe follow their favorite actor’s fashion statement and style. By wearing similar jackets like the actors, they also like to portray the same image the actors demonstrated in movies.

In the movie ‘Interstellar’, Matthew McConaughey wore a sand colored leather jacket that grabbed all the fashion lover’s attention.The Matthew McConaughey jacket has a masculine and tough look. However, due to its soft material the Matthew McConaughey jacket will keep you very warm and comfy in winter. This jacket is perfect for a busy day and will look good both during day and night time. The Matthew McConaughey jacket has numerous pockets which makes the jacket very functional also.

Tom Cruise wore a distressed leather jacket in the movie Jack Reacher. This simple black cowhide leather jacket amazed the audiences all over the world. It is collarless and has a front zip with two front pockets. The short length of the jacket gives it a smart look. It has viscose lining which gives additional comfort when worn. Daniel Craig’s vintage style leather jacket that he wore in the new James Bond movie ‘Skyfall’ has been a craze in recent time. It is made of pure leather of the finest quality. It has a front zipper, shirt style collar, button straps on the cuffs. This jacket also has viscose lining for added comfort.

Brad Pitt stunned the audiences with his red leather jacket in his revolutionary movie ‘The Fight Club’. This jacket portrays a fearless image that Brad Pitt demonstrated in the movie as Tyler Darden. Tony Stark’s black leather jacket in the movie ‘Iron Man’ also is a latest fashion trend. Chris Pratt wore a maroon leather jacket in his latest movie ‘Guardians of the Galaxy’. The jacket has an erect collar, with front zipper closing. Its extra padded design at the front gives it a unique look. The Smallville Superman red leather jacket has been extremely popular recently. Actor Clark Kent looked powerful in this cool leather jacket. It has front zip closure with the logo of Superman embossed in the middle and unique design on the shoulders. Another fashionable jacket is the Tom Hardy wore in the movie ‘The Dark Knight Rises’. This distressed leather jacket provides a bold attitude. It is a long coat having shearling lining. The collar of the coat is very broad, giving it a unique look. This jacket is surely an eye catcher and thus is a must have this season.

Leather jackets are not only attractive, but also is a great protection against cold weather. In summer also leather jackets made of faux leather can give you comfort. In fact, leather jacket is such an outfit that can be worn throughout the year in every season. Celebrity outfits have always been a center of attraction to many people. When it comes to leather jackets, the enthusiasm is even more. The various leather jackets that celebrity wears in a movie eventually becomes the fashion trend of that year. Besides original custom made celebrity leather jackets, replica is also available so that it is affordable for many people. These jackets are always on high demand.