Max Payne Jacket

The movie inspired garment raze: the most popular of this season

Movies have always inspired the fashion world in a great manner. The costumes used by the actors in the movies become the fashion statement of the season. People want to wear the same clothes as their favorite character or the favorite actor. The fashion trend has been influenced by the movies for generations now. Sometimes a trend sticks for years if the movie and the character are iconic and classic. Some of the styles that are popular this season are briefly discussed below:

 • Star Lord Jacket:

The biggest blockbuster of this year is the Guardians of the Galaxy. With some cool characters, it introduced a new trend of fashion. The dark brown leather jacket used by one of the main characters Peter Quill aka Star Lord has become immensely popular. The jacket is extremely stylish and fits the outlaw personality of the character well. Two varieties of the jackets are used in the movies. In one type, the hero wears a longer version of the coat as in trench coat style. It provides a more mysterious and classy look. In another type, the shorter version of the jacket is used. A dark brown leather bomber jacket can be seen. This helps for a smart and sleek look and also helps in the action sequences.

 • Max Payne Jacket:

Max Payne Jacket is one of the most popular leather jackets featured in the movies. The movie is developed from a very popular video game series. In both the movies and the video games, the main character is seen wearing a black leather bomber jacket. The design is now famous as Max Payne Jacket. The jacket provides an authoritative look to the hero and suits his dark and bold character. This jacket is suitable for many casual and semi formal occasions.

 • Matrix Jacket:

The Matrix movies featured a black overcoat with the main character Neo played by the very handsome Keanu Reeves. It started a riot of styles in the fashion world. The coat was apt for the tone of the character in the movies and it was very stylish and complementing to the tall protagonist. The jacket now famous as the Matrix Jacket is a very cool and stylish looking jacket which can be worn in numerous occasions. It can be used as a cover during cold weather as well.

 • Resident Evil Jacket:

The resident evil movies proved that women can kick ass as good as any man and also they can carry leather jackets better than most men. The Resident evil jackets are now extremely popular among the ladies. It provides a smart, sleek and badass look and character to the person wearing. Women who were hesitant about how they would look on leather jackets gathered the courage to try on the jackets after watching the movies and found themselves empowered. The resident evil jacket is one of the most popular trends of the season in the market.

 • Bane Jacket:

The Dark Knight Rises concluded the epic Batman trilogy. Among other things, one of the most noteworthy things in the movie was the outfit of the villain Bane. Bane sported a large leather coat in which he looked quite menacing. The jacket is one of the most popular trends of the season. Many people are attracted to the big but comfortable leather jacket. The attraction of the public to this jacket adds further to the fact that movies are a great influence in the fashion market and it sets a trend for the season.