Resident Evil 6 Jacket

The fades and trends for game and movie inspired jackets this season

Trend is an amazing way of updating and recycling ways and commodities. Thanks to fashion that welcomes new and new changes in an open way. Every season, there comes new design on the cinema; there comes new approach on wears and that perhaps becomes a hit in the market. No one is left untouched here. If you are a gamer, the wears in the game perhaps touches you while if you are a movie crazy, you will not be left untouched by the celebrity get ups.

The Hunger games jacket stood popular this season. Any gamer would love to get this one for him/her. The jacket is characterized with smooth black leather with double layer on it. The outer layers is quite shrinkable while the inner one being rather warmer. Generally the wear is fit for the girls but the one with the hood is preferred for the guys as well. The jacket probably with the red outlined hood with black color that was used in Hunger Game has stood the most demanded game inspired jacket that has hit the market this season.

Another on the list is too from the hunger game. This one is another design of jacket .The jacket stretches from the left one to meet the right one and thus over the chest portion overlapping the certain portion of right under the left portion. The jacket is available in the form of brown or in green color popular for its flux leather jacket. Another set that the fashion designers were inspired from the game was Military design jacket inspired from the Forever 21.With Hunger game being all over the market this season; it seems the Forever 21 jacket is falling off the trend this season.

Not just gamer, even the movie have not left us untouched with the design shown in the movie. Jackets shown in the movie have a charm added with the attitude of the heroic person of the movie. The trend gets catchy in one way due to the new concept design and on other side it gets hit on market because it is worn by one of your favorite star.

Gone are those days when the jackets inspired from the Michael Jackson “Thriller” album or the popular” Wolverine” jacket made a trademark in the market. These jackets are yet available in the stock but they have almost faded off with the time. These days the new superman jacket has been in new height of popularity. With the new movie Superman on the way, the jacket with big “S” in between the chain has been quite popular .Again the resident evil 6 jacket is one of the popular jacket this season. The blackish leathery front of the jacket with the grey stripes on its arm makes the jacket one icon in the market this season.

Except that the movie “Ghost Rider” has not yet left the impression off the market. The black devil jacket is tagged as “coolest jacket ever” has still been ruling the jacket market .The other trending jacket is the grey colored leather jacket from the movie “War of the Worlds” .This season has been the season of the heroic wears. The attitude shown through jacket wears in Resident evil gave the trademark to the jacket and today they are named as resident evil 6 jacket.
Perhaps this is the charm of the game and movie industry .They can bring the product on the screen and the make it way popular off the screen.