Resident Evil Jacket

The video games jackets which made fashion statements: the top 5

The amazing part of this fashion world is that you just don't get attracted by the celebrities apparel you love the video game character's outfit too. This is all about the one's creativity, design, and style. It is not that only kids love the video game characters, their dresses etc, but these days people from all age fall for the video game character outfits. The outfit of video games character has re defined the fashion world in a technological way. It has given the new platform under the fashion trends. Among various the most noticeable outfit of video game character is of course their outer cover which is shown just in front of your body, the outer wear of the body, the jacket. Most probably all video game character does have the jackets in their body.

The top 5 video game jackets of today’s fashion world are described below:

 • Resident evil jacket:

When you are on the verge to list the top 5 video games jackets which has given the fashion world a new platform that is resident evil jacket. This jacket is inspired by the resident evil game. The fitting leather jacket which has big pocket in the front and front zip closure are the main feature of this jacket. Not only kids and teen agers even adult guys are looking for this jacket for this season.

 • White and Blue Assassins Creedy Hoodie:

After the deep interaction about the resident evil jacket the next popular video game jacket which falls under the top 5 category of fashion world is White & Blue Assassins Creedy Hoodie. This jacket is influenced by the video game Assassins Creed III. This is slim, fit, lengthy jacket, with a huge collar and front closure zipper and attached with the hoodie type of cap are the main feature of this jacket. The color is blue and white mix type.

 • Final Fantasy Squall Leonhart Leather Jacket

The other video game character inspired jacket which is ruling the fashion world today is Final Fantasy Squall Leonhart Leather Jacket. This jacket is greatly inspired by the Squall Leonhart. The white fur collar, short in size, two front flap pockets, black and white mix color use in it are the best features of this jacket. This final fantasy squall leonhart leather jacket is made up of with the leather. So, this jacket is the great combination of quality and design.

 • Game Cole MacGrath Infamous Leather Jacket

While you discuss more about the video game inspired jacket which even comes under the top 5 latest trend then you cannot ignore Game Cole MacGrath Infamous Leather Jacket. This jacket is the inspired by famous action-adventure game character which is famous among many youngsters. Stand up collar, front zip closure, open-hem cuffs, two inside pockets and two waist pockets are the main description of this jacket. The unique stand up collar is the best part of this jacket. The color combination of yellow and black makes it different from the other jackets.

 • Captain America the Winter Soldier Leather Jacket

The other sensual game character for this winter is Captain America the Winter Soldier Leather Jacket . This is famous jacket among the youngsters. This jacket is inspired by the Chris Evans. The jacket with star on the chest, vertical belt strap on both sides, buttoned cuffs are the main feature of this jacket. This jacket is prepared with the great comfort level of the people.

So, the above mentioned are the top 5 video game jacket in the fashion world which has re defined the fashion term.