Shia Labeouf Jacket

The Top trends of jackets in movie stars this season- what’s new


Redefined designs

The relaxed and fitted trousers are the latest response to the often-tight military pants this season. Other than that, the reemerging trend of ankle booties brings the new attitude for army inspired ensemble aside from the high-cut military boots. So, what’s with the undying fame of this modern trend that used to be a soldier’s uniform? Fresh from the ‘Fury’ movie with Brad Pitt, Shia La Beouf counts among the most bankable stars in Hollywood. Just like his co-actor, he can look good in anything. His jackets particularly are calling all the attention among fans and admirers. Labeouf’s costume from the wartime era of Fury takes the shia lebeouf jacket to a whole new level.


This style is all about capturing new markets. As we all know, sports jackets are distinctively old school designs. Incorporating the hottest animal prints on this sportswear is reaching far and wide among those who give importance to individualism. Scarlett Johansson sported a leopard print jacket from her recent film entitled ‘Lucy’. Models and socialites like Miranda Kerr and Nicole Richie are also spotted with animal printed outfits. Johansson is known in Hollywood as a modern bombshell voted twice as the ‘Sexiest Woman Alive’ and ‘Sexiest Celebrity’. She’s also part of the ‘Avengers’ and ‘Captain America: Winter Soldier’.

The long overcoat

If you are looking for fresh new ways to spruce up your outfit, go for the new classics like white tops, pale trousers, beige coloured long coats, taupe leather tote bags and nude shaded block high heels. These neutral tones bring out a polished look for this winter-- A fresh new take from the usual black and dark gray. Popular celebrities who donned the beige layers are Olivia Munn, Victoria Beckham and fashion blogger Vanessa Jackman. Munn is an actress who also happens to be an author. She recently starred in the film ‘Deliver Us From Evil which gained a box office sensation along with her constant place in the sexiest women’s list.


High fashion couture showed the world how overstatement defines new elegance. The fashion runways have showcased billowing coats and long robes with slipping shoulder silhouettes. Not only that, the prints and shapely patterns on this season’s leather jackets has also got something to say in the state of fashion supremacy. Did you know that the Olsen twin sisters Mary-Kate and Ashley first popularized the oversized sweaters, coats and jackets? What’s more, their petite frame only made the pieces look more pronounced. Ashley and Mary-Kate Olsen started off their career as infants in the ‘Full House’ TV series. They are considered one of the wealthiest women to this day. Aside from acting, they do fashion design. In fact, they are considered as fashion icons by popularizing the bomenian fashion.

Sprinkled hues

The popping shades of this season goes to fiery red, lime yellow, bright green, turquoise blue and vivid pink. From shoes, bags, shirts, dress and jackets, the artful blends go well with today’s energetic lifestyle. Actresses like Gwyneth Paltrow, Jamie Chung and Kate Mara are fans of the colourful biker jackets. Tagged as ‘the most beautiful woman’, Paltrow’s penchant for leather jackets fits her personality as an actress and singer throughout her Hollywood career for over 20 years. She’s recently starred in the Iron Man series and Avengers, which could come up with a jacket style after her name like a shia labeouf jacket.