Steve Mcqueen Jacket

The iconic celebrity jackets: which jackets made the top 5 of all time

There are five jackets that are instantly recognizable just by seeing them. These jackets are the jackets that all men grew up loving and wanting so desperately. Unfortunately, there haven’t really ever been any women in popular media to wear a leather jacket that truly struck out amongst these greats. That’s because the jackets on this list were just so popular that nothing else really even comes close to the amount of fame these jackets have gotten.

The fight club jacket

What’s the first rule about fight club? Don’t talk about fight club. Fight club was just one of those great movies that people all over the world about know. The leather jacket from that movie is instantly recognizable not only because the movie was so popular, but also because the jacket was just good looking period. While arguably one of the best looking jackets on this list, its only number five because this list is all about icon.

The Indiana jones jacket

Harris ford as Indiana jones is known worldwide for that performance. Boys everywhere for generations even after the films initial releases loved this jacket and for good reason. They all wanted to be just like their hero Indy. Indy was a fearless, iconic badass adventurer with a knack for getting into trouble. What boy growing up didn’t want to be everything Indy was?

Michel Jacksons beat it jacket

This jacket is known worldwide by almost everyone on the planet. That’s because Michael Jackson was one of the most influential artists of his generation. People like Michael only come around every once and a while, and boy was Michael one of those artists. Beat it was one of his most iconic songs, if not the most iconic, as well. And the music video is known by almost everyone who’s ever heard the song.

Steve McQueen jacket

Much like the Indiana jones jacket, the Steve McQueen jacket is one of those jackets that’s instantly recognizable as one of the first mainstream popular biker jackets. For a long time, when you thought of black leather jackets, you thought of Steve McQueen. The fact of the matter is, without Steve McQueen, the biker jacket wouldn’t be nearly as popular as it is today. Steve McQueen jackets are an American icon in every sense of the word.

Steve McQueen biker jacket

The number one celebrity jacket of all time is the jacket from grease. If SteveMcQueen made the biker jacket popular, grease brought the style back and better and harder than ever before. Even today, when you think of leather jackets, you think of the leather jacket from grease. The movie was so popular because of how it spoke for its generation as well as the main characters stereotypical badass nature that drove all the girls crazy with lust. Grease is one of those ret classical musicals that will be loved for years to come because of how much it did for the genre. It’s popular not just with musical lovers, but people worldwide. Everybody loves grease. It perfectly embodies everything about the era it comes from. For years after that movie, and even today, people would and do seek that particular jacket just to feel even an ounce of the charisma everyone from that movie oozed. It looks good, everybody knows it, and it inspired fashion designers for generations after. That’s why this jacket was chosen as number one.