Surrogates Jacket

Fashionable and Vintage: the new trend of celebrity jacket

Celebrities have always played a key part in promoting leather jackets and popularizing this outerwear among general people. Leather jacket has been in fashion for ages and starting from Marlon Brando, other celebrities like Tom Cruise, Harrison Ford, Brad Pitt, and the legendary Michael Jackson has made leather jacket fashionable and trendy throughout seasons.

Celebrities are more inclined to biker jackets this season. This jacket is so versatile that it looks cool just with a plain jeans and tee shirt. Actress Kristen Stewart was seen wearing a textured leather biker jacket recently, whereas, Jessica Alba was seen in a red biker style padded leather jacket.

Motorcycle jackets or biker jackets were inspired from pilots and soldiers after the World War I period. Biker jackets symbolize adventure and speed. Black leather motorcycle jacket became iconic when Marlon Brando wore it in the movie ‘The Wild One’. Now this is a common form of jacket worn by punks, rebels, bikers and ruffians. These jackets are thick and heavy and protect riders from injuries.

Nicolas Cage was seen in a cool biker jacket in the film ‘Ghost Rider’. This jacket was liked by both bikers and general people. This stylish jacket is made of sheep skin leather. This jacket looks good with khakis or jeans. John Travolta is another actor who looks extremely attractive in a leather jacket. In the movie ‘From Paris with Love’ he was seen in a brown jacket that made him look glamorous and extremely appealing. It is made up of rich genuine leather, with viscose lining for giving extra comfort. This jacket shows a blended personality of being ruthless at the same time charming.

Actor Tom Cruise has taken aviator jackets to a new level. The jacket he wore in the movie ‘Top Gun’ is still admired by people of this generation. The modern version of this jacket has fitted finish, is made up of goatskin or cowhide material, and is found in seal brown color. The jacket also has brown fur collar and front pockets. The classic version of these jackets usually had paintings embedded on them. The coffee brown colored leather jacket worn by Leonardo Dicaprio in the movie ‘Inception’ stole the hearts of many jacket lovers. The vintage look of this leather jacket shows the strong personality of the character played in the movie. It has a shirt-style collar and simple cuff design which makes it more appealing. It has a strap around the waist to keep it fit. The leather jacket worn by actor Tom Hardy in the movie ‘Dark Knight Rises’ will remain a fashionable piece for many years. The color of the dark knight jacket is brown and its texture displays rough look which goes well with the character played in the movie. This jacket is made of Lambskin leather which symbolizes courage and boldness.

Men’s Surrogates jacket has been a craze in recent time. Hollywood actor Bruce Willis wore a brown distressed leather jacket in the movie ‘Surrogates’. The Surrogates jacket is extremely stylish and is perfect for wearing in any casual or semi-casual occasions. This Surrogates jacket has a shirt collar, two slanted side pockets on the waist, a zip pocket near the chest, buttoned cuffs, and stylish belted design at the back. The jacket’s viscose lining gives it extra comfort.

Leather jackets will remain trendy forever. Celebrities play an important role in promoting fashion items. However, leather jackets are different. Celebrities wear leather jackets because they love them. Leather jackets will continue to enthrall people for many more generations.