Swordfish Jacket

The changing trends in celebrity leather clothing this season

Leather is considered to be a symbol of style and luxury. Leather is a very versatile material that can be worn as both casual and formal. Leather jackets, vests, skirts, dresses, even trousers are on trend now. Designers are continuously looking to give a new edge and look to the leather attires every season.

Unlike before, leather jackets are now found in many colors other than the common black and brown. Colors like red, burgundy, white, various shades of blue, green, light yellow, orange, etc. are gaining popularity. Metallic colors like gold, silver and bronze are also trendy now. Celebrities are to be credited for promoting colored leather jackets. Inspirations include: yellow leather jacket worn by Uma Thurman in the movie Kill Bill, red leather jacket worn by Brad Pitt in the movie Fight Club, red leather jacket worn by Michael Jackson in his music videos ‘Thriller’ and ‘Beat It’, etc. The black biker jacket worn in the thriller movie ‘Swordfish’ by actor Hugh Jackman has been a recent craze. This Swordfish jacket has thick inner lining which makes it comfortable and durable. The Swordfish jacket has a button collar and two front pockets above the chest.

Leather outfits are now available in plus-size also. This has been done to attract the older group of customers. As a result, leather is not only the style of youngsters or slim people; the fashion of leather is now open to all. People are now more conscious about protecting the environment. As a result, demand for vegetable tanned leather is increasing, instead of the chemically tanned leather. Demand for softer leather has also grown due to the comfort it provides. Sheepskin or goatskin leather is favorite among customers. Wax coating, shiny effects or distressed look on leather provides a different look than the old designs of leather attires. Use of other materials with leather is the trend now. Faux leather, shearling and suede leather are used in collar and lining to give a new look to leather jackets. Studs, embroidery and other embellishments are also used in leather jackets. Biker jackets and skinny leather trousers have gained popularity.

Leather vest is usually worn under a jacket or on top of a shirt. Previously, it used to be only men’s fashion item, but now it is popular among the women also. Leather vests were worn by bikers and cowboys as it symbolizes rough and masculine appearance. However, today rock stars, movie actors, athletes, and other celebrities wear leather vests which has made leather vest so significant in the fashion industry and has turned it into important leather apparel.

Leather skirts of various colors and lengths are also very demanding. Leather skirt is attractive attire for women which portray a feminine as well as bold personality. Various styles of leather skirts are available in the designer house this season. For example: clear cut style, asymmetric front style, curved asymmetric style, A-line shape, etc. Like leather skirts, leather dresses are also in fashion now. Actress Julianne Moore was spotted in a stylish asymmetrical cut knee-length black leather dress this year at an event in New York. Jennifer Lopez and Kim Kardashian were also seen in leather dress at various events this year. Singer Kylie Minogue is seen to wear leather corset often. It is for celebrities like her that leather corset is a sought after fashion item nowadays.

Leather clothing is has created a permanent place in our fashion industry. For its timeless appeal, leather apparels will never go out of fashion.