Terminator Jacket

Celebrity jacket- The changing trends of this season

Celebrity fashion is constantly changing and it has to as well because we won’t like them if they stop being interesting to us. In fashion world one of the products highly established and influenced by celebs is jacket. And in today’s entertainment world not only screen actors or sportspersons but video game and anime heroes are celebs too and they are setting the trend of new jacket style and design every almost every season. So, what are the new and changing trends in celebrity jackets this season? Well, there are quite some and we will be discussing them today. But before that let us look into the fact that why are celebrity jackets so popular and a need to have accessory. First of all , sporting something alike celebrity is n itself a big compliment gaining factor and also because celebrity fashion like jackets are one of a kind, unconventional and they stand out making the person wearing it likeable and a thing of interest. In those days the jackets that were trending were very plain with simple frontal zipper with no Varity in color .The most trending color would be black and that’s’ it. But these days, there are variants of designs and color in the market. So here are few of the celebrity jackets that are new and the changing trends for this season:

 • Ryason Gosling Jacket :

The Gosling jacket also popularly known as Scorpion jacket is one of the popular jacket worn by Mr. Gosling. The Scorpion logo in the jacket which is made behind all in the golden background makes it unique. The collar style and the belt as well as the zip closure at the frontal region are its unique characters.

 • Tom Cruise Mission Impossible Jacket :

This is another super hit jacket that has been trending in the market. Being inspired from the movie “mission Impossible” the jacket worn by tom Cruise is made from possible best quality of fabric. The frontal zipper and two pockets with perfect neckline make it unique. The jacket can be worn at any parties or event or even as a daily wear.

 • Ben 10 leather jacket :

This is another popular and top trending jacket this season. This jacket is mostly popular among children but this is mostly worn by those who watch BEN 10 .The jacket gives a fine touch to your individuality .The jacket is made from PU Leather with the Zipper Closure on the frontal side .The lining material is Viscose. The jacket is trending mostly in green color. This jacket does have the tab collar with zip cuds. This jacket has two pockets on both sides and two insides.

 • Jim Carry Jacket:

The jacket worn by Jim Carry on Dumb and the dumber is another trending jacket this season. With the plain version, this jacket has two open pockets for putting hands .The collar is normal neckline .The trending color for this jacket is light grey. This is suitable for you if you like simple and plain color.

 • Arnold Jacket:

This jacket is also known as Terminator jacket .This jacket is quite popular for the attitude that Arnold showed in the movie. If you have high muscles and body figure this terminator jacket might be your interest.

Although there are much more trending jackets that celebrity wear or have worn in the movie that which later came into market as the name of celebrity but these above mentioned are the top most trending jackets this season. You can choose to wear these jackets this winter and let yourself be as close to your icon celebrity. After all, these jackets represent the celebrity attitude! Don’t you want to have them in you too? After all you only live once.