Wesley Gibson Jacket

The new trends in celebrity Jackets: the top 5 jackets of this season

Many obsess about the new trends in celebrity jackets. And since we know that heritage dressing is a hit right now, you probably had your eyes on a wesley gibson jacket. The olive green leather jacket worn by the character from the ‘Wanted’ film adaptation isn’t just like any other comic based costume. Forget about the epic loser role of James McAvoy at the start of the movie. His now iconic military inspired outfit is a hot item this winter both for men and women. Besides, this gorgeous guy also happens to be in the cast of X-Men: First Class and the recent ‘Days of Future Past’ as Charles Xavier. Trend spotting? Follow us to see the top 5 celebrity jackets.

Rihanna’s black quilted leather jacket

Rihanna changes her style, look and wardrobe just about all the time. If you are seriously trend spotting, look what Rihanna’s wearing. Adventurous men and women love the outdoor, and nothing looked better on the landscapes than a quilted jacket. It brings an element of sportswear and classic styles that are perfect blends to look smart, chic and rugged. Do you love to go skiing? Pack up for the winter with the trendiest padded quilted leather coats and jackets.

Kim Kardashian’s Ikebana-inspired cape in turquoise blue

The new look of this season belonged to the eastern lands. Floral printed drapes and embroidered sweaters are the new luxury staples this season. The Oriental dressing brings classic and modern rolled into one. It can be inspired by the bohemian way of fashion or the cultural heritage inspired suits like Kim’s Ikebana long coat.

Taylor Swift’s sport style jacket in mustard yellow and royal blue

Celebrities spotted everywhere seem to be wearing an old school jacket. The sport wear that looked like jerseys from a varsity team or a pep squad are recreated to give you that youthful vibe. The ‘Grease’ outfit lingers on and is now more stylish than ever. Wearing this type of jacket takes you back in the days when you have little less to worry about. Sport style jackets are actually inspired by the vintage bombers. Climbing the Aspen mounts make a great choice for leather bomber jackets with fur hoods.

Jessica Alba’s plaid coat

When in doubt about dressing in style, take fashion inspiration from Jessica Alba. This season took another take on street dressing inspired by the West. The plaid wraps are uniquely engrained with the American culture. In fact, many celebrities follow the trend and are wearing plaid overcoats in various lengths, sizes and shades.You can wear this with dark denim jeans. The functional style of coats and blanket wraps look good with cowboy or cowgirl boots.

Emma Watson’s slim fit biker style jacket

Emma’s black biker leather jacket has the latest style that perfectly suits her slim figure. If you have the same body frame, the slim cuts will enhance your slender figure. Biker style jackets are hot items all year round. In fact, this style is a favourite among men and women of all ages, shapes and height. It can hug to your shape in the most flattering manner. Never mind at all whether or not you’re as slim as the British actress who rose to fame from the Harry Potter series. This one’s probably the best outerwear aside from the wesley gibson jacket.