X Men First Class Leather Jacket

The X-Men trilogy leather fashion trends- the changing styles

If you’re looking to have a kick-ass worthy jacket like superhero costumes, the X-Men trilogy trend must be on your list. Even by any comic book series franchise conquered the box office, the X-Men proved that mutants could also rule the fashion landscape. The creators of X Men First Class Leather Jacket and costumes from the series took inspiration from the ‘60s original comic scenes. Honing on history, the audience can re-live the retro past of the outfits back then. The dominance of canary yellow and blues on the comic book adaptation seem like you have stepped back on the zeniths of Professor Xavier’s school of mutants. But when a new part of the series comes to the fore, the styles are shifting.

Wolverine’s vintage distressed leather jacket

Waking up in the X-Mansion from another time is justifiable in the clawed superhero’s brown leather jacket. Trending this season are vintage inspired leather jackets made possible by aged leather techniques to give you that look of the ‘70s in the 21st century.

The classic blue and yellow uniform

This ensemble is based on the military uniforms from the ‘60s. It all began in the prequel heading towards the long journey until such time the black became their X-Men uniform. Its distinct combinations are a favourite among cosplayers around the world. Although this blend may not likely suit your everyday wear as it looks like a real costume, motorcycle jackets look stunning in black with yellow and blue which, you can have one of yours designed for that purpose.

Magneto’s jacket

Magneto originally wears a red military jacket with cape but you can see an upgraded version of this from the Days of Future Past with a sleek burgundy leather biker jacket.

If you’re following the X-Men series, you will notice a lot of leather fashion trends that are up to the minute with today’s styles. The costumes designed for mutants performing aerobatic stunts and the human forms aren’t always the same.

Where the future begins

The success of Wolverine and the futuristic time travel plots of X-Men’s Days of Future Past gave birth to different takes on the X-Force costumes. From black, gray, taupe, camel and russet shades, movie fans have these done in their own X-Men inspired leather jackets to get into the vibe. If you’re following the promotional posters, the black leather suits and jackets costume plays a big role in the pictures. However, the magnifique effect of all-black leather suits among fans and ‘superhero wannabe’s’ had drawn mixed reactions. But the style endured various criticisms and praises for the total X-Men trilogy, which brought out worldwide acceptance of these X-Men inspired fashion to this day.

Fast forward to the future of films and fashion

Isn’t it strange how an X Men First Class Leather Jacket became a starting point of comic-inspired leather trend? What began as a prequel of a comic based novel turned into big screen phenomenal success. A third Wolverine and a sequel to Days of Future Past: Apocalypse, are set to take action within the next three years. You can just imagine the transcending fashion of these highly modernized films from the earlier series that takes inspirations from the traditional superhero costumes. Clad in unusual get-up, these super humans are supposed to protect their secret identities on most part of the series. At least, that’s how the story goes.