Harley Davidson Jacket

The new range of Fall-Winter biker jacket: What’s new from Harley Davidson this time?

Every year, during fall and winter, different designs of leather jackets and biker jackets are released to the runway. But none of these jackets have been able to beat the popularity and charm of the Harley Davidson jacket. Theyare known to be quite expensive than any other leather jackets. But who cares? It is the quality of the jackets that matter. Hence, these jackets determine the class and lifestyle of the person wearing the jacket. The jacket provides the wearer with a great comfort and warmth for the winters. So, you would not hesitate paying a little high amount of money for such a quality of leather apparel you would hardly get in the market.

Harley Davidson also releases new designs of jackets and biker gears every season. This season, they have a whole new lot of Harley Davidson jacket for men, women and kids as well. One of the popular HD jackets is Excam biker jacket. This new one is characterized with rugged looks and has numbers of baggy pockets in it. This is made from some new reflective material so that you can be seen even from side roads or far length of distance. Magnum Vent jacket –another trending in the list from Harley Davidson jacket is popular for its triple vent system. This jacket has armor pockets at shoulders and even at elbow. Apart from having 2 zipper pockets it also has chest pockets with one horizontal and the other one being vertical .Another in the new list of Harley Davidson jacket is Medallion Reflective Jacket. This is different in the sense that it is made from waterproof leather with more of a reflective material. This jacket is characterized with couple of front vents in vertical shape .The jacket has polyester lining and has armor pockets at shoulder as well as elbow. With the zipper on the pockets and n the median closure, this jacket proves to be some best one this season. Similarly the Cruiser Biker jacket from Harley Davidson is another set of jacket that is quite popular in the market of jacket this season. The jacket is made of the leather and is characterized with the printed name of “Harley Davidson” on the mid of the chest. Apart from that it has the chain as a closure of the jacket while the pocket also does have zipper in it. The sleeves have few studs and this one is quite long in the sleeves of the jacket. The most trending color for the Harley Davidson jacket this year is Black, brown as well as grey.

Hence, fashion is all about change and it changes every year. So, this year, the fashion market is full of the new ranges of jackets from Harley Davidson for men, women and kids. A biker can understand the importance of a jacket. Although the brand is very old, the quality it offers is still very good. You can still trust this jacket for your biker wear. If you are worried about the high price, you can opt for the sales on the online stores and can get the same quality jacket in affordable prices. So hurry up and grab one of your Harley Davidson styled jacket soon so that you can re-define you in the coolest possible way. Best of luck biker.