Kawasaki Jackets

What is the latest from popular brands for bikers this season

There are a couple brands you want to keep in mind when buying a biker jacket this season. Kawasaki jackets by far offer the most selection out of any of them. Yama jackets this season tend to be sleeker then in past seasons as well. Harley Davidsons this season also made a few new additions in terms of the different styles of jackets they offer recently. BMW jackets have to be the slickest and best-looking out of all of them this year. Between these four companies, you can’t go wrong this year.

Kawasaki jackets this season tend to be mostly two colors. Black and green. That’s right, Kawasaki and Monster team up this season for a large variety of black and green European style jackets. But that’s not to say hat black and green are the only options available to you this season. There are plenty of red, blue, yellow, orange, and colors to go around. If you own a Kawasaki, then a Kawasaki jacket is the jacket for you. If you’re going to walk the walk, you might as well talk the talk and wear the gear worth pride. No matter what kind of Kawasaki product you have, from a motorcycle to a badass golf cart, a nice Kawasaki jacket completes the look when you go rolling down the street in style.

Yamaha jackets on the other hand went through a huge design change this season. New Yamaha jackets of the season are much more conservative and darker than in years past. There’s really not a lot of white to go around for starters. Everything this year is black with just a hint of coloring in maybe a blue or red stripe, but other than that colors are really scarce in Yamaha jackets this season. Also, most jackets of the season seem to be a lot less flashy then in years past. Rather than the classic European style with colors and bolded jacket features, this year’s styles tend to hide the hidden gear of the jacket better than in years past, ad ones that don’t are kept to solid colors like black.

Harley Davidson is going beyond the plain leather jacket this season and expanding into other trends. This year’s big trend is a Harley Davidson leather jacket with orange around the top half of the jacket. this look takes a page from other motorcycle jacket brands of the season in that it looks to go for simplicity above all else. Like in all years, Harley jackets are smooth, rouged, and all about style. They even tried a black and orange utopian style jacket for the trendier bike looking for that rush of speed only motorcycle capable of ridiculous speeds can give them.

To top off the list, BMW made some moves this year in terms of the casual biker looking to enjoy the experience of the ride. They came out with a leather bomber that only BMW is capable of making. These leather bombers look like ordinary leather jackets from the outside but hide a bunch of safety shields underneath for the elbows and shoulders and back. All the jackets they came out with for that matter were more on the casual side of things. They by far made the biggest leap in terms of developing motorcycle gear that anybody might want to wear this season.