Tag Heuer Jacket

High end sports jackets and their new trends this Fall -Winter

There are two really good high end sports jacket brands to choose from this season. Those two brands are avg sports and tag heuer. Tag heuer makes the best of the best in leather sports jackets while avg on the other hand, while not quite as high up in terms of quality, also makes a high quality product. Tag heuer jackets are the absolute best of the best. These jackets are all made in retro styles, so you can be assured that whatever jacket you pick out will look damn good as the look they go for is by far one of the best leather jacket looks around. Avg sports on the other hand has a little bit bigger of a selection as compared to tag heuer which only offers two styles in a variety of colors and subtle differences. Between the two, you’ll be sure to find whatever sports jacket you’re looking for this season.

Tag Heuer jacket are some of the best looking leather jackets around. These jackets literally are the best of the best. The style is amazing, the quality can’tbe beat, and the color selection will ensure you find a jacket that you absolutely love. In terms of high end jackets, these jackets are at the very top in terms of leather sports jackets. Be you a biker or a thrill seeking high roller, this brand of jackets is only for the best of the best and the stylish among the stylish. The downside is that they really only offer two jackets. One is a vintage 70’s style jacket while the other also looks like it’s from the era but looks relatively brand new in comparison to the vintage style.

The brand new looking jacket is fashioned with a sporty look. This leather jacket is a simple leather jacket with a pinstripe down the side. It comes in a variety of different colors from black to grey to white, and comes with different pin stripe colors as well, with the white jacket variation sporting a blue pinstripe in contrast to the original styles red and orange pin stripe. The leather on these jackets is smooth, soft, and crisp looking for a jacket that really brings the whole thing together. This Tag Heuer jacket is definitely one of the better looking.

The vintage are similar only one of them is aged a bit to look like its older and more worn for that vintage look while the other is simply radon using those fashion styles rather than being modernized by today’s styles. These jackets highly resemble Steve McQueen jackets for obvious reasons, those reasons being that they’re based off of those jackets. These jackets, just like the others, are also of an overall superior quality then the other jackets. This Tag Heuer jacket is a jacket that sets back to basics with style and looks damn good doing it.

AVG sports also has a wide variety of sports jackets this season. The good thing about this brand is that it comes in a much wider selection then the Tag Heuer brand. These sport jackets get back to basics as well with a style that closely resembles the Steve McQueen style as well they also have jackets that are more of the euro style of sporty as well. If you’re looking for a wide selection of jackets in a variety of colors this year, you can’t go wrong with AVG sports.