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Biker jacket trends in new designs this season- the top 5 designs

Bikers and leather have a very old and good relationship. The jackets that the bikers use while riding and racing are usually made up of tough leather to protect the riders from injuries during accidents and the weather also. However, are these uniquely designed biker jackets limited to bikers only?? The answer definitely is a big NO! These cool biker jackets have such good qualities that every person wants to try these jackets for their general use as well.

People believed leather and bikes were supposed to be for strong men only. But now, bikes and leathers both are good friends with women as well. Similarly, biker jackets are also for both men and women. So undoubtedly it is one of the garments that is highly in trend these days. Biker jackets are usually loved by people because of their great quality and the fine leathers used to make these jackets. These jackets are perfect for the coming winter as they are very warm and the best garment to fight the winter.

Biker jackets can be available in various different designs. Some new designs in trend this season are as follows:

 • Traditional biker jackets:

Biker jackets used earlier were usually made up of black or brown leather and still looked very trendy. These jackets are still in fashion as people still love these traditional biker attires over any other newer designs. Other new designs of biker jackets like Yamaha jacket, racing jackets etc. were inspired from the traditional biker jackets.

 • Racing jackets:

These sporty racing jackets are used by people who are sports fans. These jackets are so sporty yet so warm and trendy and made up of fine quality leather. Racing jackets of various brands are easily available such as Honda jackets, Yamaha jackets, etc. These jackets are usually combination of two colors such as black and grey or black and blue, and these combinations of colors make it trendier.

 • Floral printed biker jackets:

As said, women are no less than men in fashion. So, why would women not wear biker jackets like men? Hence, only for women are the new floral printed biker jackets. These floral prints symbolize the elegant and graceful females. Pop stars and celebrities like Rihanna, Kim Kardashian, Selena Gomez, etc. are very much in love with these jackets for this season.

 • Color biker jackets:

There may be people who do not like the classic black and brown colors of the biker jackets and wans something new and different. For such people, fashion designers have designed biker jackets of various vibrant colors. So you can easily get the jacket of your favourite color and flaunt it with ease this season.

 • Fur Collared biker jackets:

Various modifications and re-designing have been done to the classic design of the biker jackets. One of such modifications that people loved very much is the fur collared biker jackets. Furs of various animals or synthetic furs have been added to the neckline of the biker jackets to give more warmth to the wearer. This jacket is a must try for winter, is you want something warm and stylish.

Biker jackets are now not limited to the bikers only. So, this season biker jackets are a must-try. Hurry up, grab a perfect one for yourself now!