Leather Trousers Men

What new designs and styles been introduced in leather pants this season

Fashion and men used to be contradictory some time back but not anymore, why should men not have the fun of fashion? Crediting to the increasing interest of men in fashion and grooming, men’s choices have increased in every sector of fashion, be it clothing, bags, shoes accessories or anything else. In the best interest of men’s clothing, a lot of trends have come out and are still emerging. Leather and men have more than 100 years old history. Leather is considered strong and masculine. From leather jackets to hats to boots, belts and many more, leather is an absolute need in any guy’s closet (do guys have a wardrobe?). There is something else in leather that is quite making the mark in the market a, streets and with celebrities this season; leather trousers/pants. It is not a new trend. Many singers and guitarists have been sporting the leather trousers look. Now it has hit the streets in more of a casual form. Some time back, leather trousers or pants used to be a rebel thing which only very few would carry in a revolutionary way.

Now, leather trousers men is everything from smart, hot, masculine , rough , rebel to outstanding. Usually leather pants are considered to be hard to handle and not comfortably functional, even famous series like FRIENDS featured it but well not in a way you would want to wear it. But that was 90’s and lot has changed since then and you can wear leather pants and they can be functional and sexy. So, if you are convinced then, you would be curious to know your style choices this season in leather pants. Here they are:

 • Motorcycle pants: Leather pants are usually associated with motorcycle riding and only because that’s how they started and a lot of people still use it for the same purpose. You have varieties of styles to choose in motorcycle pants. But if you want to go regular that always remember to choose functional instead of stylish or both in case you find one. You can wear a motorcycle jacket on top or a vest but according to proper use of gears motto jackets are suggested.

 • Leather casual pants: You can get leather pants for casual use in various colours and designs. You can try one with pockets, one without, slim fit ones, use belt or do not, slightly high waist or slightly low waist and pair it with sweater vest, shirt or denim jackets. Everything will go fine with a leather pant. Slim fit leather pants never mean super tight leather pants as it can get quite uncomfortable, leather pants need to be always a little buffed. You can get a formal look with leather trousers men. Wear it over a denim shirt, jacket or a shirt and blazer. You can pair them with either boots or leather shoes; do not ever go for casual shoes.

Well if you are one of the men who keeps complaining about not having varieties then leather pants are so for you; they are ultra cool, smart, elegant and super sexy. No one will ever tell you that leather pants are not men’s thing because they are. Get a good pair and you will get those heads turning.