Leather Trousers

How a leather trouser can be a style statement: The patterns which changed the leather pant

With change in season comes the change in fashion as well. Trousers are particularly fall/ winter thing and are probably the most comfy pair of clothes to put on. They are flexible , you can wear certain type of trousers to gym, trousers to college, trouser for day out, trousers for a night out, meaning they are the most versatile and flexible piece of clothing. Now there have been a lot of change and addition to trouser fashion over the years like for some years flower, animal print kind of prints on trousers have been very popular. And slowly the next big change which by the way has already hit the streets is making its way through people’s fashion sense and the change is fabric itself. Apart from those cotton, woollen nylon or other fabric and printed trousers, leather trousers are becoming major fashion statement for some time. In fact leather pants are among the’ must haves’ for this winter. Today let us dig deep into the leather pants trend and see how you can wear it to make a style statement and the patterns that took them to this height.

Various celebrities lately have been sporting leather pants with styles; a small list would go like: Olivia Palermo, Kate Bosworth, Zoe Saldana, Katherine McPhee, Chole Moretz, Miranda Kerr, Gwyneth Paltrow, Sophia Bush, January Jones, and Nichole Richie etc. Celebrities are making a style statement with leather pants, how? Well, first thing when it’s leather and black, it is something that can never go wrong. Wear a loose knit sweater over it with ankle boots and give out that cute vibe as you walk by or pair leather with leather and have a little rogue look going on, you can pair denim with leather pants and make a statement and turn those heads towards you.

The pattern that changed the leather pants are introduction of the following pants:

1. Rugged Leather pants: This is one of the new patterns for the leather pants which changed the trending styles of leather pants. The type of this pant Heavy Suede Rugged leather pants has introduced a new trend. In this fashion style of pants, the small area of rectangular portion of the pant is stitched with another different design .It appears like stitched but that is a trend for new leather pants.

2. Dusky Leather pants : With this new pattern in the leather pants ,more of the dark coloured pants like black or blue got trending .Some stylist pants like Metrostyle dusky leather pants and Patina Dusky leather pants are some important on this season.

3. Leather Trouser: From runaways, red carpets to streets, leather trousers have been a rage this season. If you are wishing to build a style statement this season then you cannot grab anything else than leather pants for that. You have options of getting leather capris, shorts leggings or full sized leather pants. If you are a punk chick then you can go combat style boot over leather pants and belt and a graphic hardcore tee to get a rocker look, or you can add a blazer and hells with a capris on and get a decent formal look.

Apart from this few pattern is extracted from the leggings and Stretching trousers .These pattern slowly became a trend and now designers produces varieties of leather pants over it.