Bike Saddle Bags

Which saddle bag suit which type of bike- The buyer's guide

Every rider treats their bike like one of their own family member. It's what makes them the riders, their bike. But as the riding gets longer it starts getting harder. Motorcycle lacks place to store essential and important items. But during long ride everyone needs some items to make their riding experience smooth. But while buying bike saddle bags there are several facts you should know. Like which type of saddle bag you want which type of saddle bag will suit with your bikes made and design.

Choosing wrong bike saddle bags will not only make your bike look bad and your ride uncomfortable but also will leave scratch or marks on your bike. So before choosing one you must consider your bike type and the type of bike shuttle bags are perfect for your bike. There are several things which will help you decide which one will fit best with your bike without making your bike look bad or ruining its design. Here are few tips which will help you decide best saddle bags for your bike.

 • First you must know what size of saddle bag will fit on your bike. Too big or too small saddle bag will make your ride and style uncomfortable. You can measure from the top of the fender to 2" above the pipes to know height for saddlebag which will fit your bike.

 • You must be sure you want a removable saddle bag or a fixed one. For it you can decide how often you need saddle bag and how often you don't.

 • The type of your bike build and matching design saddle bag will look good on your bike and will not ruin its design. What’s your bike body type rounded? Sharp cornered single seated or double seated height of bike is the facts you need to know before choosing a saddle bag

Which type of thing you will be carrying the most and how long you need saddle bags for? After considering these facts you must know which type of saddle bag you want. There are different type saddle bags each with their own unique design and features. You can choose one which matches your need and design of your bike.

 • If you are casual rider ,you might prefer soft saddle bags as they are made from soft materials like high quality fabrics and are easily detachable. They are perfect for casual rider who ride for short distance as these bags are not weather proof and water proof. These are usually fitted with zipper and can be mounted dismounted as per need

 • If you are a true traveler and you travel a lot hard saddle bags are perfect for riders who need to carry certain things all the time. Hard saddle bags are usually made of high quality hard plastic, aluminum. They are usually fitted for long time as it is not easy to mount and dismount them all the time. They come with different design and are weather and water proof. Also comes within built back lights on some to add extra design on your bike. But there is always chance of it damaging your bike color leaving scratch while dismounting or mounting

 • If you have vintage bikes or Harley bikes, leather saddle bags might give you some style.

You can decide which type of bike saddle bags suits your need after considering above points.