Hard Saddlebags

The classic saddle bag look- What’s hot this season among bikers

All the motorcycle riders who are serious about their travel and comfort while riding need a saddle bag to keep their essential supply and things which essential for travelling purposes. Touring on your bike is a great feeling and it's a great adventure too but as you roam through places you will need some hard luggage for your travel. There are mainly three types of saddle bags available. Each one of them is suitable of different situation and rider’s type. For some soft saddle bags suits the best for some leather saddlebags are best but if you are tough and regular motorcycle rider who need to carry hard luggage hard saddlebags is the best option.

What looks hot and maybe what not ought to depend on what bikes you have and what materials you might want to carry in it. Soft saddlebags, which are trending types, are light in weight easy to mount and dismount and easy to remove it whenever you want it's not as expensive as hard saddle bag and it does not leave any scratch or mark on your bike. Even some prefer hard saddle bags which are best choice if you travel a lot and need to carry some stuff always with you. Hard saddle bags are durable and stronger than other saddle bags and its safe if you need some things to keep with you while travel. If you have some vintage bikes leather saddle bags can be stylish and easy to use handy and in unique look. They are suitable for bikers who want to keep the look of their bike while adding saddle bag.

Apart from theses basic and common types here are some of the trending classical saddles:

 • Genuine Leather Motorcycle Saddle: The bag which is made up of the genuine leather is the genuine leather motorcycle saddle. This is the best saddle for your travelling. You can get every needful thing into it. It has the feature of motorcycle luggage set.

 • Brown Distressed leather motorcycle saddle: The word describes it as about its dark color availability. This has the most unique design among various saddles. The distressed leather is durable too.

 • Biker luggage black saddle: As the motorcycle lover loves the black color. Then why not the saddle. This is the most popular saddle of this season. The diamond plate and rock genuine design are the best part of this saddle.

 • Hard Saddle Bags Trunk Luggage with Lights: These hard saddle bags have built in functional light beautiful finish glossy finish and are perfect for bikes like Honda, Harley, Suzuki, Yamaha and Kawasaki Cruisers. The red lights have a single bulb and can be wired as turn signals, running lights, or brake lights.

 • Black Touring Hard Saddlebags: These hard saddle bags have glossy finish and made from fine ABS. these are best fitted with several models.

 • Leather Covered Hard Saddlebags: these saddle bags are made from hard shell and are covered with leather. They give it leathery look while functionality of hard bags .and they are also weather proof. Perfectly adds a great classic look to motor cycle.

For a tough rider who likes to ride and roam in wild. Miles and miles always exploring new places or for riders who need to carry some important stuff with the always hard saddlebags are best option. Hard saddle bags are durable, keeps things inside safe, they are mostly weather proof and there are a lot of designs available which will perfectly suit your need without ruining look of your bike.