Motorcycle Saddlebags

Biker saddlebags trends which changed the idea of saddle bag this season

There are certain things about hardcore biking that just stand out and make you look like a real biker, motorcycle saddle bags would be one of them. Although they are not among the gears bikers need, they are almost equally important and also very much stylish addition. Having a leather saddlebag in bike can help you in time. You can carry medical supplies for long distance travel or your small but vital things of needs. Leather saddlebags in motorcycle are just the coolest addition you can make. The advantage of leather saddlebags over fibre glass saddlebags is that you can get your leather saddlebags customized as per your advantage and avoid looking like a delivery guy ( if you are not one then there is no point in trying to look like one). Motorcycle saddle bags now have been in practice for more than half a century and to spot the look is to spot a vintage look everyone will die for. So what are the trends in saddlebags this season?

 • Hard mounted saddle bags: Hard mounted saddle bags are more popular than throw over saddle bags because of their stability. When throw over saddle bags looked uncomfortable for bikers in 50’s they drilled holes in the fenders of their bikes to attach the saddlebag, seeing that trend grow motorcycle companies came up with attached hard mounted motorcycle saddlebags. This kind of saddlebags is now trend and come as custom with many bikes or can at least be attached alter on. But if you order for a custom saddlebag included motorcycle you will end up spending more than you would have in case of self installation. So, you better attach one later as you have the freedom to customize it as well. You can choose between hard leather and soft leather, hard leather will provide you better protection for your materials inside in case of slip or mishap compared to soft leather. Saddle bags come with mounting brackets in order to keep them away from wheels and other important motorcycle parts.

 • Throw Over motorcycle saddlebags: These come with and advantage of not having to make any modification to the bike like hard mounted saddle bags for which the manufacturer already would have had made modifications. As the name suggests throw over saddlebags are attached by getting them over the motorcycle seat to go over the bike’s stocks to signal flasher at the front. These kinds of saddlebags require removing the seat to install them as they are totally traditional and original biker’s mark. It is usually harder to install but still they are vintage and original and true bikers take pride in their origin.

Now, it is upon you to make the choice. You can choose the hard mounted option which can be made stylish by customizing it and is easier but still pretty decent than fibre glass saddlebags or you can choose the true biker’s way and go for throw over saddlebags and take a little bit of hard work. Also the thing her to notice is when you are getting a saddlebag in leather no matter what kind it is, you always have to choose wisely. You should match it with the kind of bike you have and the colour of your bike and also choose size very properly in addition to checking the leather quality of the saddlebags.