Saddle Bags

Evolution of saddle bags: what changed in new designs this year?

Saddlebags have a long history. Even motorcycle saddlebags have a considerably long history. After the 1960’s Vietnam War motorcycle industry flourished and different companies started launching better and bigger models. With the launch of increasingly effective motorbikes people began taking the longer distance on bike and so motorcycle luggage had to be managed. The throw over kind of saddlebags were not easy to manage so they got replaced by another type. To have a safe and reliable luggage system in motor bikes the trend of drilling back fender to make holes for permanently bolting the saddlebags became popular. With this trend gaining height, the motorcycle companies started manufacturing bikes that didn’t have to be drilled to attach saddlebags permanently.

Later in the 80’s when companies started realising how much the motorbikes were being used for long travels, they came up with saddlebags of fibre glass. They were pre-installed and saved riders a lot of time and effort. But even with the convenience of those kinds of pre-installed saddlebags, riders still love to use leather saddlebags because it just adds to that satisfying feeling of being a rider, can be customized as per need and desire and also is convenient enough. Motorcycle saddlebags at the start were decorated by studs, conchs and spots but now things are changing.

The changing designs in motorcycle saddle bags includes: motorcycle specific saddlebags, colour match with motorcycle and saddlebags that go with the total design of motorcycle. These changes have definitely lured more people into getting saddlebags for their motorcycles. And saddlebags are properly defined products so if you want to know the specific types of saddlebags then you can. Here they are:

 • Fibre glass saddlebags: These are factory installed saddle bags and are very secure; they come with locks as well. These are waterproof, have larger storage room and some are even detachable. These are preferred by people who do business of getting things from one place to another or by long distance travellers. They come in various shapes and sizes as per the motorbikes. They are usually mostly in square or rectangular shape. On the demerits section they are quite expensive and they can break off during a slip or an accident damaging the goods inside.

 • Leather saddle bags: They are less weight and look deadly cool on motorbikes. Frankly speaking fibre glass saddlebags are kind of elderly unless you delver pizzas or laundry. The thing with leather saddlebags is that they represent the true biker spirit. Also they will cost you less. Most of the models are removable and so you can keep customizing as per your choice.

Those were the two wide varieties of saddlebags but that is not all. In each of their section there are more styles and designs. And when it comes to more styles and designs, leather saddlebags top the list. You can have multiple choices unlike in fibre glass saddlebags. Leather saddlebags are just one of the outstanding motorcycle accessories you can own. It is not as widely used, so you will instantly be recognized when you have one of these on. It will enhance your rider personality very much. The thing that is missing in your rider personality is most probably a very cool and customized saddlebag.