Pleated Leather Skirt

Fashion trends in Winter collection for leather skirts- The year end 5 top trends

There are five top end of the year styles of skirts for the 2014 winter season. These styles are the very best and most popular skirts of the season. They stand out among leather skirts, even a much as a leather skirt usually stands out. They represent what today’s modern consumer wants. Change. This season went all out in terms of new styles and different trends of the year, and that’s why this end year best of the best top five list is so exciting. These skirts are some of the world’s best looking skirts, so if you want to be a part of a great trend and show off the uniqueness of this year for years to come, here’s a top five list of the most popular, best, unique styles of 2014.

1. The pencil skirt. While not very innovative, this leather skirt was hot this season. People can’t get enough of the slimming effect these skirts have on your body while at the same time accentuating your curves in all the right places. These skirts are straight and narrow to give the appearance of thinness while at the same time tight fitting around your waist to accentuate that region. This skirt was popular this year because it was just an overall good look.

2. The flair skirt. What can be said about the flair skirt that handset been said a million times before? This look is so classic and conservative that pretty much everyone knows about this style of skirt. That’s not to say that conservative is always a bad thing. If it looks good and feels good, you can never get to much of a great thing right? These skirts ore accentuate your legs ten the pelvic region in contrast with the pencil skirt.

3. The mermaid skirt. This skirt brought a whole new look to the game. Combining the tight beginnings of a pencil skirt combines with the flair of a flair skirt to accentuate your leg, these skirts are for women with curves who know how to use them. They take the best of both worlds and combine in a look that not only makes you feel like an undersea princess, but also perfectly complements your body shape with a look that completely took this season by storm.

4. The patchy skirt. Skirts made out of different patches of fabrics and different colors of the same fabric was also a huge fashion statement this year. This look was completely unique and all its own, giving it a higher up ranking on this year’s top five list. These skirts were experimented a bit with this year and some of them really turned out great. It’s definitely a look that unique to this year in terms of skirts.

5. Pleated leather skirt. Out of all the new trends this year that will be sticking around for years to come, the pleated leather skirt was one of the most stunning. Combining urban leather with the flowing nature of a grass skirt to create the pleated leather skirt really paid off this season with a look that completely stunned the fashion world this season. This style will be popular for years to come not only for how unique it is in general, but also for the possibilities it brings to the world of skirts. With all the new design possibilities, this might even be one design that we see taken to extremes and really experimented on for years to come.