Armored Motorcycle Jacket

The armoured biker gears - The trends of this Fall-Winter collection

This fall-winter collection abounds of new models of the armored biker gears. The designs differ from each other with their lettering, logo, silhouettes and the colaration. The main accents are concentrated on padded patterns, which are called to protect the body of the biker. Any armored motorcycle jacket has a slim-fit silhouette and hugs the body of the wearer, making the look sexy.

The main characteristics of timeless super trend Harley Davidson jacket is its unusual combination of dark brown and orange shades. There are also models, mixing grey and yellow tones. Almost all the patterns are adorned with specific lettering on the chest. The same one is shown on the back as well. There are also vintage leather jackets by HD. They remember us a usual, but very trendy this year a flying jacket with studded double-winged collar, the logo on the sleeves, zipped pockets and an asymmetric zipped fastening. One flap waist pocket reflects classic tendencies of this type of jackets within gear fashion.

But talking about a trendy armored motorcycle jacket by HD it is necessary to point out that it is a bit modernized within latest trends – hooded jackets. The fact is that the hood is knitted and the design of the jacket has padded shoulders, zipped pockets on the waist and zipped waist pockets, one flapped snap pocket on the waist, snap loops on the waist belt look mega trendy and really cool. Mens Rocker Back 3 in 1 leather jacket is decorated with lettering and logo on the shoulders and above the breast pockets. There is a logo on the back too. The cuffs of the sleeves end with zippers.

If you need something fresh, chose the Honda jacket with lots of logo and letterings. These jackets are usually mixed in white, black, red, yellow or orange colours. The stand up collars with Honda letters round it add some exclusiveness and other highlighted logo on the sleeves, on the front and back provide the uniqueness of the model.

Absolutely trendy is a Ferrari jacket. Wearing this type of jacket you always feel cool emotions. Chose and exclusive red colored model from latest collection, which is crafted of mat smooth leather. The slim-fit silhouette will underline the figure of the wearer. The highlighted logo on the chest looks great. A concealed zipped fastening adds the jacket elegance and classic lines allow wearing it everywhere. Put it in team with blue pair of jeans, red or black leather trousers and you will have a seductive look that no girl can stand against you. This trendy jacket reflects minimalism and simplicity and its main accents are concentrated on two zipped pockets on the chest.

This season we watch updated biker jackets, tailored of quilted leather material. This new wave is shown in many fashion collections. Such apparel creates the new chic for the bikers, for instance, Alexander Wang’s exclusive black padded jacket is a nice choice for those ones who value comfort and glamour within one design. The jacket has a knitted collar. Except this type, snap and stand-up collars are also trendy this year and attract some protection for bikers from bad weather conditions.

So, this variety of stylish jackets for motorcyclists allows choosing something exclusive and extraordinary. Make the look one-of-a-kind with multifaceted bikers things. As for other leather clothing, pair the jackets with modish chaps or pants of smooth leather and look like a hip person.