Cold Weather Motorcycle Gear

The biker jackets for harsh winter- the top trends of this season

Fashion is not always something glamour and trendy, it is sometimes the world of comfortable wear, which is mega popular at the same time. Cozy things are on the top this season. Sheepskin jackets, fur collared coats etc. Moreover, even biker jackets are transformed into the models, which are cozy for harsh winters. What are the top trends among the cold weather motorcycle gear clothing?

If you need a super warm and multifunctional jacket, than chose a universal Belstaff’s flying jacket for her in two colours – black and burgundy. Its high quality leather material and white fur collar and cuffs distinguish the thing among many others. Zipped closure, two zipped pockets and cuffs make the look stunning. As for the style, this jacket breaks all the rules and opens new abilities to take care of the body. Many other designers also offer such type of shearling jackets. For instance, black glossy leather jacket with black fur lining and a fur hood is the newest illustration of modernized shapes and combinations. The hood is an appropriative invention to protect the head in frosty days. The genuine shining leather texture seems very posh and adds to the look some zest. The jacket is not just relevant within creating a cold weather motorcycle gear look, but showing the urban trends for modern ladies.

Another cool bikers’ warm thing is Givenchy’s black leather jacket for him. Its super model is cropped and designed as hooded one. The fur in brown colour looks unusually stylish over the hood and really protects the head. The knitted cuffs look relevant. This jacket is adorned with a cool pocket on the biceps, which is zipped and two snap pockets on the waist. The waist is underlined and the closure is concealed. The designer’s tailoring is the best thing for enjoying riding.

All the aforementioned jackets are crafted of genuine classy leather. And now it is time to remember of sued jackets, which were even demonstrated in some movies, for instance in the Rocky film by Sylvester Stallone. His sophisticated look, which combined a brown jacket and a grey scarf and a cool cap, brought the actor mega popularity. Pay attention to the Burberry Prorsum brown sued jackets in different tones, having the double-winged collars. The white fur lining is called to make the wear enjoyable and keep the body in warmth. No extraordinary accessories, just buttoned closure and that is all. It is the right choice for harsh seasons.

Fashion designers are so resourceful, that they even started mixing different materials within one article of clothes. Fur versus Leather is the new tendency of this season. Valentino’s males jacket, combining the red fur vest, black leather sleeves and a fur burgundy collar is made for smart lovers of motorcycling. Do not hesitate to put on this individual jacket and feel yourself the man, rocking the bikers show. Pair such type of jacket with a pair of jeans, like the designer illustrates, but many fashionmongers advice to add more leather things, so leather trousers will look edgy and appropriative within the raven’s look. Cool sued or mat leather boots will make your style exclusive and extravagant. This is your chance to change the traditions and open the new lines within gear fashion. Remember about that.

So, we have mentioned some new patterns for bikers and these cool leather jackets by leading fashion houses are crafted for smart and bold people who do not afraid of changes. Never be the same again!