Motorcycle Jackets

The customized biker jackets from brands: who made head turn

The history of motorcycle jacket goes back to the time when these jackets were awarded to the racers upon successfully completing their basic training and advancing towards the advanced training. Back then, racing was not a very famous concept back then, when people rarely used to have a great deal of racers around. However over time, biking and its trends has been improvised and increased, but the demand of the original biker jacket still remains.

Although, the original design varies a little, depending on the designer, all motorcycle jackets have had various distinguishing factors; pocket like snap flap on both side without any hand warming compartments a shirt like snap collar, knit cuffs, shoulder straps and the waistband. Also, a light cotton and silk lining with the hang strap of leather including the military specification above the collar.

Before the 1940’s the collar was stitched to the neckband just like when found in dress shirts, which is a time taking operation. Wartime contracts usually had simple collars that were directly stitched to the back panel of the jacket and rolled over, although many designers continued using collar stand throughout. Just like that, most motorcycle jackets included inset sleeves, the purpose of which was to provide better movement of the body. This as well was a time taking process and gave path to the idea of flat attached sleeves, the bottom seams of which meet the side body seams.

Unlike the modern style of loose fitting jackets, we see that the original motorcycle jacket is more of a trim fitting style jacket. Films and period photos reveal the type of jacket that could be utilized sharp looking and fitted or loose and baggy in the body. This was designed to fit the male with shaped body of that time, as it was specifically planned for the military men who are always in the right shape. The films and period photos show us that biker jacket was mostly worn over a simple T shirt with nice fitting.

Over time, the design and style of these jackets has been changed in different ways. These days, the jacket is made out only from the goatskin and is available in loose fitting. The color available today is mostly brown. Unlike the time of 1940’s when the bikers and racers were not allowed to paint or change the designs of the jacket in any way, today the designers have played with it in different ways.

You can also get your jackets custom made today, these jackets are designed in different ways and upon your request. Designers into this business ensure that they provide their customers with whatever kind of jacket they are looking for. Most famous are the custom made parachute motorcycle jackets as they are most comfortable and reliable for moderate to extreme climatic conditions. Another benefit of these jackets is that you get to choose your own fabric and material. This allows you to create your own personal favorite motorcycle jacket with whatever the specifications you may want. Other than that, there are great jackets available online on various platforms that are not only reliable but easy to approach. So pick your jacket this season and benefit from your very perfect motorcycle biker jacket.