Motorcycle Riding Gear

The new innovations and technologies used in riding gear this season: the top 5

There were days when leather jackets, boots and simple pants used to be considered good enough wears for motorcycle riding. This combination of wears provided comfort, safety and style statement to the riders. But time has changed, so has motorcycle riding gear. New technologies are being included in biking gears to provide extra safety and comfort to the riders. Let us now take a closer look at few technologies and innovations that has helped shape the modern motor biking experience.

 • Arguably the most important innovation in motorcycle riding gear: the heated gears, especially jackets are true marvels. This thermo system can be powered by motorcycle’s DC system. It is normally a 12 V electrical heating system. During the cold winter days if you are up for a long ride then these jackets can turn out to be truly helpful as they can be recharged with the motorcycle’s battery system or even portable chargers. In order to keep the rider safe from any electrical disturbances, thermal resistors placed on heating pads. Such heating pads are located on various locations of the jacket including chest area, sleeves, and collars. Heated gears seem to be attracting a hell of a lot of motorcycle gear freaks and fashion freaks together because of the stylistic value it adds together with safety and comfort.

 • Intercom Connections: Another important usage of technology in motorcycle gears. These intercom connections are placed on motorcycle helmets to allow the riders to communicate with each other. These communications are Bluetooth based communications and allow the riders to receive and send GPS instructions, make cell phone calls, listen to the radio embedded on phones or mp3 players, interact with their back seat friends. This technology functions with any Bluetooth equipped cell phone. They usually are effective up to the range of 2000 meters. These helmets have proved to be a great addition into the world of motorcycle gears due to the fact that they allow the riders to make that all important communications without risking anything. To add to all these features, these helmets are stylish too as a lot of attention seems to have been placed on their looks too.

 • Motorcycle riding gears with armors for protection may not be the new kids on the block but still they are used profusely this season and are considered to be highly important and innovation in motorbike gears. They provide the riders with that extra safety factor which allows the ride to be full of freedom with lack of any sort of fear. May not be too suitable for fashion purpose, but for safety they are ridiculously important.

 • Due to the fact that the winters are here, we have talked about heated gears but there are gears that adapt according to the weather too. Most suitable for long rides with fluctuating weather conditions, these gears are designed from windproof/waterproof materials which adapt according to the outer temperature. Various fabric technologies are used in these gears; they don’t use electrical technologies and can be suitable for this season too.

 • Another important use of technology in riding gears: LED stripped jackets. These LED stripped jackets promote safety during night rides. These LED don’t suck up much battery charge but still managed to glow significantly during the night, providing that all important safety to both the rider and others.

Apart from these many different technologies are used, but they are the ‘hotter’ ones for this winter.