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Biker jackets: How the classic biker jacket changed this season

Leather jackets are the ultimate jackets that can last for years. If the quality is top rated, then the jacket can outlive you. Though the material may be everlasting but the design of the jacket is sure to change over time. The classic look of the leather jackets have changed drastically over the years. The leather jackets are made in various designs and for different purposes. Most popular leather jacket types are classic leather biker jackets and leather bomber jacket. Though most of the designs of these jackets are similar, there have been slight changes in them over the years to accommodate the demand of the market and consumers.

Classic biker jackets were initially designed for the riders of motorcycles and it was made accordingly. It was popular among the type of people who were interested in riding bikes. Colors were all different –some loved white, some black while some were seen with red motorcycle jacket. But gradually, it became popular and started to appear in the market as a mainstream clothing item. Now it can be worn by anyone who is interested in the type of leather jacket.

If you look back to 80s time, biker jacket were mostly popular with boys. At that time the most popular classic models of biker jacket were Vintage Distress biker Leather Jacket which was characterized with long zipper and sleeping collar .The dress had one pocket with low quality leather. Another trending at that time was Levis Grunge biker jacket. This new style was the icon of 80s as Bonjovi used this in this popular song “ Always” .This jacket was more like a punk wear.

But with the time, there have been some changes in the classic biker jackets. It has been modified to provide a more stylish look. The bikers were mainly interested in the leather biker jacket because of the way it looked. It gave a rough and rugged look to suit with their lifestyle on the road. But more importantly, it also helped them to ride their motorcycles more comfortably. These days biker jackets are not only for men. Women are equally interested to try out the tough chick look.

The most popular iconic jackets this season are generally leather jacket for both man and women. With men ,the most popular type of jacket are River Island Biker Jacket which gives a changed look to what there was in previous model. Unlike previous models, this season jacket does have scaly design on its outer part with two pockets. The jacket does have standing collar and a zipper on it. Another change in the trend is Scoth leather biker jacket. This is quite a new style of jacket-more stretchy and rougher but yet proves to be much of a attitude exposure.

The biggest change in biker jacket is that numerous women dress in biker wear has been introduced this season. Some popular designed jacket like Jaslene Biker Jacket ,Elin Biker jacket and Katy leather biker jacket have been introduced .These jackets are all female wear .They are different in their zipper design and the collar placement and neckline design too. The mostly trending is Red motorcycle jacket in color. Before hand in classical days, all biker jackets of female could have common features like zipper on same place with same pocket size while these new introduced jackets not only mark a different design but also bring revolution in biker jacket world.