Black Leather Vest

Designer leather vests: The new patterns and styles of this Fall collection.

Every year designers try to surprise people with new ideas. This year we see enormous popularity of biker style and a lot of new tendencies in it. If before we admired comfortable and stylish vests, this season gives us a lot of open, original, feminine models. You are free to choose the one for you, it can be elegant or wild, classic of original, wild or romantic. This season the most important is to be out of borders and let free your imagination!

If you often travel on bike, of course, you need black leather vest. It doesn’t get dirty easily and it’s much more practice. But if you are tired of classic models, you can choose wonderful vest with oblique zipper, a lot of small pockets and decorative details like spikes, chains and embroidery. If you think that it looks aggressive, this season you can see a lot of vests with very feminine embroideries. Between the most popular embroideries you will see stars, wings, flowers (rose is the most popular motive in performance of vests). Black vest decorated with lilac rose will look very feminine and from another hand, it will serve you for many seasons. We also can see a lot of rock motives in vests and if you like a variant that remind wild West, don’t worry, fringe is still very popular and we see it on many models. If you like to combine vest with different styles, you can choose very stylish model from soft leather, decorated with large collar from fur. Combination of fur with leather is the most popular trend that we see in many fashion collections. You can also choose black leather vest with unusual decorations. If before we saw mostly chains, metal buttons, spikes and fringe on leather vests, this season we see also rhinestones, guipure, feminine lace, prints and very feminine embroideries on vests. Leather gives important note of freedom and wildness, all these decorations and soft line of silhouette make motorcycle vests very elegant and feminine. If you are not afraid of being bright, but you prefer black color, you can choose very popular top-vests. They are short and sexy, they show advantages of your body and if you choose a variant with high straight collar, you will look very elegant. There are very interesting variants where designers decided to show one of the most attractive parts of women body, a back. Back decorated with leather belts looks amazing and in such vest you will look great on every party. We also see many classic variants and this season you will find black leather vest that will look fashionable for many seasons. The most important is oblique zipper, asymmetric collar, metal buttons. One of the most popular variants is vest closed by one button, it gives free effect.

But one of the most surprising trends of this season is colorful vest. Designers decided that black is not the only color that will match to biker style, so, this season women can choose much brighter vests. One of the most popular colors is brown and you can choose any shadow, fro dark one to light, even beige. As for design f brown vests, it’s very popular to use Western motives, Indian prints and decorations that give wild and ethnic notes to your look. Vests with fringe are very popular and you can be sure that they will be n trend next season too. Of course, there are a lot of bright variants for strong and effect women. You can find red, orange, yellow vest, but if you want to be in trend, this season cold colors are more popular.