Leather Motorcycle Vest

What vests are popular among bikers this season

Vest was always one of the most popular garments n biker’s equipment. If you won’t wear jacket all the time, because of heat, vest will give you necessary comfort, safe and protection from wind. Mostly vests are made fro leather, because it’s one of the most comfortable and strong materials. Leather motorcycle vest is called “must have” of this season.

Enormous popularity among bikers took a classic vest with oblique zip and metal details. They remind leather jackets without sleeves. But there are of course, some special details that differ vests of this year from models of last year.

Of course, the most important in choice of vest is still its comfort and this is the reason why bikers, men and women prefer models of dark colors. Black is still the most popular color for them and if you want to take something universal that will match any color and any garment, you need to choose black vest. We can see models with combination of different materials and it’s possible o see vests where leather is combined with suede, tweed and other strong materials. There are very popular and original models made from pieces of different types of leather and they look very stylish, so, you receive combination of comfort and style in one cloth. As for length, it can be very different, from very stylish long vests to short variants that even don’t cover waist.

If you prefer something classic, leather motorcycle vest of black color with oblique zip and decorated with many spikes on line of shoulders, metal buttons and zips on collar is for you. But if you prefer something more elegant, you can choose wonderful vest almost without decorations, It’s good that it will match other garment and if you wear jeans on work or other pants, you will look harmonious in it. Such vest will look very stylish because if richness of material and its soft lines that underline good points of figure.

This year we still see popularity of prints and such decorations as zips, embroidery, spikes, skulls, fringe and chains. But everything depends also on your style and type of your bike. If you have sport motorcycle, it’s better to choose vest decorated with embroidery, like wings, fire or skull, but fringe will match better owners of classic bikes. Embroidery is often made with bright colors and vests for women have much richer decoration, designers use rhinestones and guipure. So, if you are strong, but in soul you are tender woman, underline it with bright vest decorated with spikes and rhinestones. It will be impossible to forget you.

This season we see tendency of running away from classic image of biker and if before black was almost the only one color for leather garment, now we see a lot of other colors that make men manful and women feminine. Brown is also one of possible variants and this year we see very big popularity of all shadows of brown and chocolate. They look very stylish and warm, it’s easy to clean them up and they will also match good to any other color. Many vests are made in dark color gamma, because the most important is comfort, but there are also very bright variants that can help to express your character. Bright colors are very popular, but they are only for people who are tired from routine and who don’t afraid to impress people and attract attention. You can choose red, cherry, violet, dark-green, beige and sand variants and look amazing on your motorcycle. Now leather motorcycle vest is out of borders and you can choose any bright color and style.