Leather Vest For Women

The must have leather clothing in a ladies wardrobe

Leather garments came into wardrobe of every stylish lady. If before we could see such clothes only on rock stars and bikers, today it’s necessary part of image. So, what is necessary to have to be on top of fashion?

First of all, “must have” of this season is leather jacket. This season it’s necessary to pay attention on models in biker style, because it’s real trend to combine such jackets with garment of other styles. Every woman will only underline her femininity with black leather jacket on oblique zipper and decorated with chains and spikes. It’s just necessary to combine it with light dress or business suit and you will look stylish, bright, but not too aggressive. If you think that black color is dark, you will see that this season it’s bright thanks to rich decorations from rhinestones, embroidery, combination of different materials, types of leather, mosaic patterns and prints. If you prefer a variant with minimum of details, you can choose wonderful brown, grey, beige model and impress people around you. This season the best trend is colorful jacket, in yellow, red, green or aquamarine jacket you will look unforgettable. You can choose light variant with silk lining or warm model, with lining and collar decorated with fur, it looks really luxury.

Ladies who like to look elegant and stylish don’t need to forget about leather vest for women. We see a lot of variants, from black aggressive and wild models, decorated with fringe, spikes, chains, skulls and embroidery of eagles to light romantic variants. If you want to find universal stylish model, you can stop on light vest with large collar, oblique zipper and contrast metal decorations, like figure buttons. Bright and brave women can stop on red, yellow, orange or pink vest that will remind you about hot summer even in the coldest winter. You will find a lot of models of leather vest for women of every age and type of figure.

Leather pants will compose your image and even if you don’t like leather jackets or vests, you can easily wear leather pants with sweaters and jumpers, classic vests and coats. You can choose wild biker pants, decorated with fringe and decorative holes and lacing to classic leather pants that will underline form of your legs. You will look wonderful in any variant, black, white, chocolate, sand, red and lilac. The most important is to express your personality.

What makes a woman especially feminine? Of course, it’s a dress. This season designers want to show all beauty and femininity of every woman and they propose hundreds of variants. You can find models of leather dresses with long skirt with two symmetric cuts till the middle of hip, it looks gorgeous. You can choose short dress from soft leather and large best that will underline your forms. If you prefer something original, try to impress all the people around you with dress made from different pieces of leather of different colors with open back and shoulders on thin straps. There are models for every day, business, party and even social rout.

If you prefer office style, blouses, shirts and jackets, you can see a lot of feminine skirts. They will make you very feminine, but straight leather skirt will show a woman’s strong character. Every business woman will look great in skirt till the knee. If you want to impress a man on the date, you can try short mini-skirt or large maxi skirt that will give free and romantic notes to your image! Be beautiful and don’t forget about accessories!