Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest

The customized look of leather vests- The new trend among bikers this season

All men prefer comfort and especially when you make long traveling on motorcycle. Vest will give you this comfort and feeling of safe. This season we see a lot of stylish, practice and comfortable vests that are created to make your biker image full. Enormous popularity of vests is understandable, it’s so easy to combine it with other garment and it will warm you up in cold time and it won’t make you feel hot in summer. But what is better to choose between so big number of models of motorcycle vests?

Of course, leather is the most popular material for motorcycle vest, but this season we see big choice of types of leather. The best variants are buffalo leather and soft cowhide leather. But the real trend of this season is black mosaic mens leather motorcycle vest. It’s made from multiple pieces of leather and it gives original and stylish look with wild effect to vest even without special decorations. Classic black variant is the most popular this season, because the most important in bike test is practice side. It looks stylish and it’s easy to combine it with other garments and it will match to any color of your bike. If you worry that black color can look dark, this season we see a lot of models from glance leather that look very bright. So, you have choice between mat elegant variant and glance bright one. If you want to have something original, but you don’t want to take a vest of other color, you can choose universal variant. It’s original vest from different types of leather and in combination with metal buttons or snap buttons and spikes it looks bright, unusual, but still universal.

This season we see tendency of rich decorations in design. It’s very popular to wear Mens Leather Motorcycle Vest with classic biker symbolic, like eagles, skulls, wings and fire. But this season embroidery is much brighter and you can see warm red, yellow colors n combination with green and blue elements. It looks very stylish if this embroidery is made on basis from another material. The most popular trend if leather vest with big embroidery on the back on basis from suede.

AS for color, brown came back to biker fashion and it will save popularity for some years, it’s sure. You can see a lot of original models decorated with fringe and spikes or just with elegant classic cut, but the most important is that they are presented in all shadows of warm brown color, from hot black chocolate to almost red variant. It looks especially great if you need warm variant with oblique collar and combination with wool inside. It will give you extra comfort and warm you up even in cold winter.

This season you can see a lot of colorful models and unusual decisions. Of course, men mostly prefer dark colors and most of models are made in dark color gamma. But if you are tired of black variant, you can chose dark-green, dark-blue, grey and violet variants. As for vests for women, they have much richer color gamma. Red motorcycle jacket is also very popular and it will attract many sights. If you want to look very elegant, you can choose white variant and it will look great with any garment. But you can choose any color and look bright and attractive in it. This season you can see blue, green, lilac, beige and sand variants. It’s also very popular to wear vest with large belts and with belts on pockets, collar and even on back.