Sons Of Anarchy Leather Vest

Branded leather vest- The must have for die hard fans.

Real fans, people who can’t live without speed, traveling, wind in ears and changes don’t need compromises. They need something comfortable, stylish, strong, a garment that will save them in any situation and that won’t be too cold or too warm. If you also like hard rock style, this season you will find a lot of branded leather vests that will match your taste.

Classic leather vest from soft cowhide or buffalo leather, with silver decorations will always look very manfully. Such vest is called “must have” for die hard fans. It’s necessary part of special culture and if you want to look harmonious and show your tastes to all the world, you must have such vest. This year we see a lot of black models, but they changed a little and if you want o choose actual trend, you need to pay attention to some details. Very popular are vests from thick leather with a lot of metal spikes, chains and skulls. But one of the best variants is straight leather vest with high collar and oblique zipper. It’s straight only in front, a back is decorated with big embroidery. You can choose classic biker’s symbols, like wings, eagle, fire and skulls. Or, if you want to show your tastes, you can stop on sons of anarchy leather vest. Such vests can be performed in black color, but this season we see new trend, designers make them in dark color gamma, but you can choose more original color, like dark-green, violet, dark-blue one or dark-brown. Especially dark-brown model of sons of anarchy leather vest looks great, embroidery of death is made with adding of green color and such combination will make you look different from other fans. But you can also choose contrast combination of black and white colors, it will look harmonious with other leather garments. There are models with inner or out pockets, with contrast stretching and fringe on sides. But really trendy variant is a sons of anarchy leather vest with three belts on both sides, with them you can easily regular size of vest and they look very stylish.

Branded leather vests are created to express your style, vision of world and likes. If you prefer simple elegance, you will find a lot of models with minimum of details, thanks to material they look very good even without too much metal details. You can choose a vest decorated with fringe, it looks ethnic especially with Indian motives and it will give you impression of coming back to old times and Wild West. Die hard fans will find a lot of exclusive models of original leather vests with special symbols, like road 66, eagle on American flag, spider, wings, skull in fire or combination of three skulls, death and other embroideries that will give you special look and new image. If you like embroidery, choose a vest with big embroidery that will cover almost all back and you will look trendy.

One of the most popular variants is bright color vest for original and creative people, you can choose red, coral, green or blue vest and look different. In combination with metal decorations and embroideries you will show new image of biker style and you will easily combine it with your favorite leather pants or chaps. If you like to use other styles, pay attention to cold color gamma, they are very popular this year and it’s easy to combine them between each other. The most important is that you will feel good in your skin between other hard die fans.