Womens Motorcycle Vest

The ladies biker vests: The latest trends of this season

All women want to look attractive and it doesn’t matter if you are tender and romantic or you are strong and bright. If you like motorcycles and can’t live without them, you just need to have comfortable and stylish womens motorcycle vest.

Mostly motorcycle vests are made from soft leather that makes them comfortable and strong, so, you can be sure that you will be able to wear it several seasons. The latest trend of this season is black variant, with metal buttons on collar for decoration and oblique zipper. It’s also decorated with asymmetric small pockets closed on zips and all model looks very stylish. If you prefer something tenderer, you can choose elegant variant almost without decorations. Soft leather shows feminine lines and it doesn’t look aggressive, so, it will be easy to combine it with other styles too. Your vest can have any length, but the most popular lengths of this season are vests to waist, short top-vests and long variant till the middle of hip.

If you like to be in trend, you must pay attention to models decorated with embroidery, they are very popular. One of the most popular models is straight womens motorcycle vest with big embroidery that covers almost all back. It can be eagle, wings, even dragon, the most important is that embroidery must be bright and such combination of black leather with bright colors looks especially impressive. This season we see a lot of rock and anarchy motives in performance of vests and women don’t need to worry that they will look too wild, such vest will only underline your femininity if you combine it with high heels shoes or elegant dress of light color. It’s also very popular to wear vest decorated with fringe, it can be long or short, everything depends on your taste and type of bike, long fringe looks better with hard bikes and combination with leather pants.

This season one of the most popular trends is bright and unusual color of motorcycle vest. If before they were mostly black, this season it’s very popular to wear all shadows of brown color, from dark chocolate to beige. So, if you want to look impressive and be noticed, you can stop on beige vest decorated with small fringe on all edge, light embroidery that will look very elegant and stylish. You can also stop on grey variant, decorated with fur. If you are looking for warm vest, fur is one of trends of this season and the best decision for cold winter is womens motorcycle vest with fur lining. Now designers use wool even for decoration of collar that will look stylish and it will also give you more warmth. But if you are looking for something original, you can find a lot of bright models of red, oink, lilac, green and blue colors. This season cold shadows are in trend and it’s very popular to wear their combination with black details. For example, you can see a lot of jackets that are composed from two sides, light and dark one, they shows motives of yin-yang. You can also see prints on many vests, this season abstract print is used very often for their decoration. Animal print is also very popular and one of the best models of this year is called a vest made in crocodile print with many belts on back and waist. But if you are looking for something really impressive, nothing can be brighter and more luxury than white vest decorated with rhinestones. It’s not very practice, but it looks really wonderful.