Plus Size Leather Coats

How to look slimmer in a plus size leather coat

There are many secrets to a plus sized leather coat that make you look slimmer than normal clothing. One obvious trick s to always buy a black plus sized leather coat. Black slims. Another trick is to buy a thinner leather coat. Thin leather coats do you well by not adding a bunch to your body shape. Another trick is to buy a leather coat that hugs your body in just the right way. A flowing leather coat, for example, hides your body shape but doesn’t do a lot to slim you down. On the other hand, if you buy a leather coat designed specifically to your dimensions, you can slim down your figure by going for the tight look while still feeling comfortable with the breathing room messier.

It’s no secret. Black slims and everybody knows it. Why does it do this? Simple. Less detail. Lighting has a big impact on how we identify depth. Black absorbs almost all light so the differences in lighting don’t even really matter to a black jacket. The fact that black is so good at absorbing light takes away from our ability to properly interpret the dimensions white on the other hand is the exact opposite. White doesn’t absorb any colors, so every little detail can be seen through it. if your surroundings are green, your vest will reflect green. If your surrounding’s are yellow, your jacket will reflect yellow. That reflection of light thereby captures every little detail and contour of something and accentuates it.

Another trick of how to look thinner in a leather jacket is to dress in thin leather while wearing thinner cloths underneath your cloths. In that way, the jacket can better accentuate your body shape so you appear slimmer. Instead of budging out of your jacket, a good fitted jacket goes a long way in draping your body more naturally then otherwise possible with other fabrics. The fact that leather is so good at hugging the body makes things a lot easier as well. If something’s too tight, you’re only going to make yourself look bigger, and if something is to flowing, you’re going to look like your hiding something underneath. With fitted jackets, because it hugs your body perfectly and accentuates the best parts of it, you come off as trendy and confident to those around you. No need to feel shame in your body. The key is to accentuate the best parts.

The final secret to a slimming leather coat is to have it be longer. A longer coat gives off more of the impression that you’re just trying to keep warm. It slims the lower half of your body by being flaring and distracting to the eye. With a fitted upper half and a flowing under half, it draws attention to all the right places on the body while simultaneously distracting others to create the perfect slimming effect. The trick is giving them something to look at so they don’t notice what you’re trying to hide. Leather does that the best out of any material because it huge the body so well, tends to be thinner than other fabrics, and generally comes in black for fullest effect. Plus sized leather coats, through a mixture of psychological theory and scientific fact, are simply the best of the best when it comes to making anybody slimmer.