Suede Coat

The color and shades of leather coats this season: what’s popular

Buying the perfect winter coat that matches with your lifestyle is very challenging. Winter jacket is not only about style, it should fulfill your needs also. In this season’s collections, you will see use of fur, suede and other fabrics along with leather. The majority of the coats are of black color and various shades of brown.

70’s vibe is prominent in this season’s leather coats. These coats are available in various lengths: from mid thigh to knee level. Knee length coats look great if it is belted. Leather coats in black, brown or grey are always trendy. Leather biker jackets are in fashion this season. A lot of women’s biker jackets are apparent this season. Biker jackets are ideal for wearing in a part, in the restaurant or at office. The traditional style of biker jacket has an oblique collar and a zipper in front. Modern designs have uncommon cuts like asymmetric cuts, second zip, asymmetric zips, and sleeve straps. Cropped sleeves are stylish. Inclusion of fur in leather coats is a major highlight of this season. Fur acts as a decorative element and is used in collars and sleeves of the jacket. Suede coats are very unique in style. Suede coats are softer than other leather coats. This is because suede is usually made from the inner part of cow leather which are extremely soft. Colors look brighterin suede coats than any other coats. Aviator style jackets, parkas, cocoon-shaped, hooded and capes are also in fashion this season. Blend of fur is evident leather coats. Big loose belts on leather coats are back to fashion.

Colored leather coats are good attention seekers due to their bold and bright nature. Colored leather coats look good with both in contrast colors or in block colored outfits. Grey and neutral shades are used in most leather coats. Brown, chocolate, olive green, blue, red and white are also very popular shades for men are popular this season. For the ladies, colors like poppy red, pale yellow, bright orange, burgundy, blue, lemon zest, green, etc. are in fashion. Pale colors like lavender or pale rose looks feminine. Pastel colors are included in most of this season’s collections. Metallic colors like gold, silver, and bronze look very trendy this season. Colored leather coats in various textures give the coats a trendy touch. For example, the snakeskin texture is stylish. Icons like Leonardo Di Caprio, Brad Pitt, Michael Jackson and Ryan Gosling has made colored leather jackets very fashionable. Leonardo Di Caprio wore a brown colored jacket in the movie ‘Aviator’; Michael Jackson made red leather jacket very famous by wearing it in his music videos ‘Thriller’ and ‘Beat It’; Brad Pitt was also spotted on a red leather jacket in the movie ‘Fight Club’; Ryan Gosling wore a white scorpion embroidered jacket in the movie ‘Drive’. These movie stars and pop stars have created huge demand for colored leather jackets in the fashion industry.

Leather’s popularity is evident. Leather coats are a favorite among both men and women this season. This coat is suitable to be worn with anything. Leather coat’s demand is increasing every season and this season is no exception. Leather coat says a lot about the person’s personality. What you were is your choice, but remember that you must look good on it.