Suede Coats For Men

The new shades and textures of leather coats- Whats in mode this season

Leather coats come in various numerous styles, colors and textures. Leather mainly comes from either cow or sheep. Sheep skin or lamb skin leather is softer than cow leather. Leather also differs in the way they are treated and dyed which ultimately determines the texture of the leather.

In case of style, many kinds of leather coats are available. Both short and long coats are in demand this season. Among the short or waist length coats, bomber jacket is the most frequent choice of many. Bomber jacket is a classic leather jacket made of sheepskin leather. It has gained popularity among both men and women because of its vintage image. Motorcycle or biker jacket is another popular trend this season. These coats are fitted and are appropriated for riding. Sport coats or leather blazers are a good choice for formal wear. Like short coats, various long leather coats have also been displayed this season. Trench coats, puffer jackets, parka coats and pea coats are trendy this season. Coats with shearling lining have also been popular this season. Suede coats for men are an excellent choice for this cold weather because of the level of comfort these coats provide. Designers have come up with modern styles and colors for suede coats for men.

Fashion designers work with various textures of leather. The main types are patent leather, full grain leather, shearling, and suede. Patent leather gives a shiny appearance, so looks glamorous. Full grain leather gives a rough surface. Suede has a very smooth and velvety texture. Shearling feels like fur.

Shearling is famous for its warm and comfortable nature. Traditionally it has been used a lining for outerwear, however, now shearling is applied to garments. Shearling comes from lambs or sheep which are sheared, skin removed, tanned and dressed with the remaining wool. This gives shearling the fluffy appearance. Shearling lining is seen on the collar of a coat which gives an attractive design. Many fashion designers have presented shearling coats this season. Some of the designs include: shearling collared long coats, grey pea coat beige colored shearling collar, gold bomber jacket with a large shearling collar; brown overcoat with white shearling lapels, deep brown leather coat with white shearling lining.; grey double-breasted pea coat with grey shearling collar, etc.

Leather and shearling is a timeless combination of fabric. Aviator and biker jackets look well with shearling details. These jackets have a strong and manly appeal. White aviator jacket with cream colored shearling is one of the highlights of this season. Grey colored biker jacket in suede leather with grey shearling collar is also seen on the runways. Military styled overcoat with shearling linings and belted trench coats with shearling lining has also gained popularity. Allover shearling coats and colored shearling patterns are modern twists to the traditional coats.

Unlike the traditional black color, other dark colors like blue, red, burgundy, brown, grey, green are also in fashion this season. For women, pastel colors have dominated the runways. Quilted leather coats, snake skin leather coats or crocodile skin leather coats were also presented by designers. This season, it is very important to choose layering of the right material for our daily outfit. When choosing the texture and color for your coat, you should choose the one you are comfortable wearing.