Suede Coats For Women

The latest of designs and trends of leather coats for ladies this winter: The top 5 trends

This season the fashion designers have made sure that there is a perfect leather coat for the ladies for every occasion and every atmosphere. This season is full of beautiful trends. This season is full of beautiful trends, delightful colors and magical styles. The top 5 trends of leather coats for ladies this season are: biker leather jackets or coats, leather cape coats, leather parka jackets or coats, leather coats with shearling collars and sleeves, and suede leather coats.

Biker leather jacket’s universal appeal makes it trendy in all season. Biker jackets are made up of soft leather, have rough surface and a worn out appearance. Dark shades like black and grey gives an elegant look. It looks awesome with black slim trousers and stylish knitwear. A plain biker leather jacket or coat with suede patches or quilted sections is very stylish. Block colors and patterns add a new dimension to these coats. Colors like red, gold, olive and dark blue are mostly used in linings or other details. Bright shades like pink, citron, fuchsia and emerald are apparent in this season’s leather coat collection for women. The military trend is in fashion this season. Many women like the macho appearance of military styled leather jackets. This jacket is very comfortable, functional and appealing to women of all age. Texture of the leather coat is another new addition to the traditional style of biker jacket or coat. For example, python textured colored jacket is surely a showstopper. Metallic colors are often used in this season’s collection. Metallic colors like gold, silver or bronze gives you a glittery look and is sure to put you in a vibrant mood.

Cape coats are in trend this season. Leather cape coats with fringes, cape styled suede coats for women give a new look to the traditional woolen capes. Grey-blue or navy are mostly used for this style of coats. Leather parka jackets in pastel shades are a stylish piece of leather coat for this season. It is very comfortable as it is made from soft sheep skin. It is of knee length and has a drawstring waist. This coat is very versatile. Use of shearling is very common this season. Faux leather jacket with large contrasting shearling collar is another exciting trend of this season. For example, black jacket with coffee brown collar or navy blue jacket with white collar is sure to grab attention of many. Shearling sleeves are also fashionable. Suede coats for women are trendy. Suede coats with fringes give a cowgirl look which is loved by many. As suede coats are made from softest part of a hide, these coats give extra warmth and comfort this season.

Leather jacket is an essential fashionable item for a woman’s wardrobe. It is wise to purchase a good quality leather jacket as it can last for decades and never go out of style. It is so versatile that it looks good with anything you wear. It is suitable for all seasons. During summer or autumn, you can put it over a dress or skirt; and in winter, it gives you warmth and comfort. The top designs of this season mentioned are a guideline for you to choose the perfect leather coat for this season.