Suede Jacket

What designs do should you prefer for leather jackets this Fall-Winter

Change in season makes a difference in the way we socialize with relatives and friends. The change in season also means that we need to redecorate our wardrobe with clothes that suit the particular season. As winter is coming its time that people decide on buying the perfect outerwear to keep them warm and comfortable throughout the chilly season. However, it is not very easy to buy the perfect winter jacket that will not be too casual for the office or too formal for an evening party. Leather jackets are always a popular winter wear for their versatility and durability. This season fashion designers have presented a wide range of fashionable leather jackets for both men and women.

The double-breasted leather jacket is an excellent choice for office days. Its traditional style has been liked by people for the past many years and is still seen to be trendy every season. Black, navy blue and grey are the common colors, you can experiment with different colors and patterns. Burgundy and maroon shades have been featured in runways this season. Khaki is also a trendy color and reminds you of the military trend this season. Leather jacket with raglan sleeves is very trendy this season. Raglan sleeves have a curved seam from the underarm to neck of the jackets. The shoulders give a strong definition to the jacket and make it look smart. Though mostly used as casual outfit, this season’s designs make it appropriate to be worn as a formal outfit as well. Parka styled leather jackets has been a popular casual wear this season. This jacket looks great with distressed jeans and trainers. Quilted leather jacket are also in fashion this season. The traditional diamond design still remains along with some modern twists. Variations is style include sporty look, shiny color and texture. Quilted texture on just the shoulders and sleeves look smarter than having quilted texture on the whole jacket.

Luxe leather and cropped suede jackets are in trend this season. Suede jackets are waterproof, that is, they keep you dry by repelling water molecules and this feature makes suede jackets a good choice for this fall-winter season. A blend of suede and leather in jackets look cool because of the difference in texture: suede if furry whereas leather is rough. When the suede and leather are of the same color, it gives the jacket an elegant appearance. The classic black biker jackets seem to never go out of trend. It’s still in this season and manages to give you a tough and rebellious look, boosting your attitude and giving you energy in this cold weather. Aviator jackets with shearling collars have been a choice of many top fashion designers this season. It is appropriate for an evening event. The shearling collar gives you extra warmth and keeps you comfortable. Herrington –style leather jackets and wool blended leather jackets are very fashionable this season. Shades like brown and tartan prints give you a smart look. Puffa leather jackets or padded leather jackets are extremely useful in this season. This style of jacket gives you warmth in icy cold days.

Whatever the style may be, puffa, parka, quilted, suede, shearling, aviator or biker leather jacket, all these jackets are very durable and functional and it perfect for this fall-winter season. You should choose a jacket that matches with your own personality and which you can carry off comfortably.